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5 Smart Apps To Make Your Home Smarter

It's 2020, and apps are the things that have played an essential role in enhancing the overall quality of life. Needless to say, these apps have had a huge impact on our life. Gone are the days when you needed to stick to your remote controls for making changes. It's time that you shift your focus and choose smart apps. These home apps have allowed better access and eased a lot of things.

Smart home technology has led to the development of new things in a brief span of time. What's great about these apps is that these are available for both Android and iOS platforms. The mix of technology for the home can make it easy for you to figure out the best option and eventually include it in your homes.

Here are some of the apps you should consider integrating into your house for the best impact.



This free smartphone app allows you to take control of all the sensors and devices of your house. The variety of sensors makes it easy for you to control different things. All you need to do is connect the sensors to your devices and switch them on. Gradually, you can keep a check of them and take control over monitoring the apps. The only drawback is that this app is available only for iOS users.

It is an open technology that makes your life easy. You will have to choose a compatible device, add it to the sensors and get going with it. Once the devices are fixed, SmartThings will tell you if there's a problem with any of the connected devices. This also allows you to fix the problem from a remote location easily. The app further creates a flow of information between devices, thereby making it easier to control.

The devices work in sync with each other, so most of the problems are fixed all by itself. All the apps are integrated within the platform, thereby making home automation apps predominant. As a result, you will not need to work with many apps to control your house's systems. It is modern technology, and hence, you can proceed with it accordingly.

Amazon Alexa App

If you're searching for a home automation app, then Amazon Alexa is just the right one for you. For people who know Alexa, they must know about the Alexa app. The app controls all the major Alexa devices and other smart devices of the house.

One of the greatest features of the app is that it can bring everything under your control. With the app, you can control all the Amazon-enabled devices like listening to music, creating shopping lists, and more. Alexa app is created not only to suit Alexa devices but also for other devices. It is compatible with other apps like Wemo smart plug, Philips Hue Smart Bulbs, iRobot Roomba 690, and more.

You can easily integrate the Alexa app into your smartphone because it supports the smart home interface. If you want the app to start functioning, all you need to do is just call out her name. Alexa app supports the voice control feature, which helps all the devices connected to Alexa to follow the verbal demands.

Needless to say, it is one of the best home automation apps that has to be your #1 choice.



It is one of the most prominent apps that offers complete protection to your house. Furthermore, it is one of the most innovative companies for smart devices. The Nest is dedicated to building devices that provide full security and automation around your house. In today's time, the Nest is focused on building devices like smart doorbells, alarm systems, smart cameras, thermostats, and smoke + CO alarms.

With the Nest app, one can get a wide range of features that offer control over various products. With the Nest app's help, you can see who is at the door and let the person in/out from a remote location only.

You can integrate the app easily with your home devices. This will allow you to monitor your house from a remote location, thereby keeping a check on what's going on inside and outside. Nest provides you with a real-time view of what is going on in your home. If something suspicious is detected around your house, the app will notify you about it. The app has a very easy-to-use design and is pretty simple to use too.


Google Assistant

The Google Home app is one of the most prominent tech giant apps. If you want an easy automation app, then Google home-app should be your one-stop solution.

Google Assistant is famous for iOS and Android platforms. The Google Home app can be easily integrated with Google Home and Chromecast. Furthermore, it allows easy connection with other devices, too, such as lights, cameras, and more. Google Assistant can also be easily integrated with third-party apps like Samsung SmartThings, Honeywell Home, WeMo, PhilipsHue, and more.

Google Home app will help you easily control, manage, and organize the lights, speakers with a single tap only. Furthermore, it offers actionable insight and shortcuts such as checking the weather, switching on the lights, regular news highlights, and more actions, all with one command. Google Home app is one of the most versatile smart home apps as compared to other apps.



With WeMo, you can dive into the world of smart switches, wifi bridge, and even outlets that will help you in the long run. WeMo app has been helpful for considerate features that can perform a wide range of features. The WeMo app allows you to conduct different tasks such as

  • Controlling lights and appliances with just one tap.
  • Switch on the apps automatically by syncing the lights and devices to the respective device.
  • The WeMo app supports 'Away Mode' to protect the home and switch the lights on and off remotely.

The app comes with the 'If This Then That' feature, enabling you to work efficiently. The feature allows you to gain access to features offered by the Wemo devices. Hence, it is the one-stop solution that can turn your home into a smart house in no time.


Everything you need to know about smart home apps

The home automation mobile apps are available in two variants- single-tasking app and multitasking app. The single-tasking apps are designed to support a specific device or for a particular home security function. The apps are integrated with IoT that can work ideally in your home.

The multitasking apps can control all the IoT devices integrated within your household. The multitasking apps allow you to have control over all the smart home devices.

What type of app you choose depends entirely on your preferences. A lot of people prefer choosing single-tasking apps because it offers complete safety and security. However, many people prefer multitasking apps considering the functionality and convenience.



With time, technology has developed, and so have the smart-home automation systems. Hence, the popularity of these systems has risen to a significant aspect. You may consider that all these apps function in the same manner, but they don't. Every smart home app is different, and entrepreneurs are now developing new systems with new features. Whenever choosing an app, you should ensure to check the features thoroughly. The app you choose will have a significant difference in your house.

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