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Below you can find the list of frequently asked questions about OM Software and their answers. If you have any query related to OM Software, please scroll below and if you are looking for something else, you may contact us here.sum.

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We provide you with dedicated hiring professionals for your project, letting you control all the propositions of development.

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Here is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about General Category. We hope you also have question(s), which lie(s) within the questions listed below. In case you have some other questions, which are not included in the category, please get in touch with us here.

Salient features of our General FAQs section:


We exclusively utilize groundbreaking tools and techniques to deliver solutions.


excellent customer support services round the clock.Our team generally reply back to you in 2-4 hours max.


We carry out a project in a limited time frame and in most affordable budget.


We offer 100% satisfaction to our clients by delivering top grade solutions.

OMSOFTWARE specializes in eBusiness optimization solution for companies across the globe and offers a complete range of web-based & Mobile  application services which include Strategic Consulting, Prototype Development, Site architecture planning, Mobile Application Development, eCommerce solutions, Content management systems, Content migration services, Lead generation tools, Multimedia production, SEO and website globalization services.

We provide high quality solution.
Our post implementation support is extraordinary. Customer Support is in our Attitude.
We maintain continuous follow-ups during the project development and after the deployment.
We have completed more than 1500+ Project so far.

OMSOFTWARE has its base of operations in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh which is the heart of India and hence easily approachable all across the country. Bhopal is the hub for Information Technology colleges and provides the best manpower in terms of skills and number. We have 100+ professionals working from Bhopal. We have our branch in Bangalore which is again known for its IT resource with having 50+ experienced and talented individual. We have offices in US, Singapore, Dubai and Lebanon to manage our client globally.

We have vast experience in accomplishing various Web App Design & Development and Mobile App Development projects. Since inception in 2006, we have successfully executed 1500+ web applications and 500+ mobile application. We have also excelled in SEO gaining ranking for more than 500+ Websites so far.

Yes, we believe in long term association and also understand the critical and diversity of technology, hence our support packages include all kinds of plans which fit can be tailored as per the project specification. We have our team to analyze the entire project and come up with the best plan that suits the requirement as well as budget of the client. For more information you can email us at /

OMSOFTWARE has its NDA in and offers all of its clients the option to sign on project initiation. In addition, we maintain a high security protocol against intellectual theft at our workplace which all our employees follow and they also sign very strict NDA about the project they work on.

We follow Agile Development methodology, We have our own project management tools to manage the project and give clear understanding to our clients for their projects.

Definitely yes, we work for different time zones and our work approach focuses on providing a single point of contact responsible for all communication to avoid any confusion that is deployed as per the client’s time convenience.

We have a dedicated department of QA and QC to take care of the entire testing process. Either its functionality testing to system or Unit to integration testing, everything is assured 'OK' before handing over the final product to the client.  We have our own Bug Tracking and Defect Reporting tools which we provide direct access to our customer to login and log all the problems on the releases which will be solved quickly by Development Team.
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Yes, we entertain service level agreement requests.

We do not want our clients to go through numbers of trail mails and follow up calls; hence we have a single point of contact to take care of all the queries of the client and providing the solution within the set timeline. Assigned Project manager will be your single point of contact during the project life cycle.

We have hired experts who come from different expertise and hence have a diverse platform offering to a single requirement. Following are the flavors that we provide:
Microsoft Development tools like .net / C# / / MVC / Silverlight
Web Technologies  like PHP / Yii / Umbarco / Joomla / Drupal / SiteCore
Mobile  Technologies like iOS / Android / Window CE / Window 8
Ecommerce Development tools  like openkart / Magento / nopCommerce / BigCommerce /
To know more about our capabilities  please check

Project Documentation is the integral part of all development and hence the project is incomplete without a proper documentation. We consider it as responsibility to provide well-documented code. It also helps us in future projects to enhance functionality if and when the Client requires it.

This is where our post implementation testing comes in picture. We make sure there is no defect, but to encounter human error we provide 60 days of warranty to debug any defects in the deliverables.

Upon completion of the project, we send it for your approval on our testing servers for QA and testing. Once you approve the deliverables and complete the payment formalities, we deploy it to your live servers with more QA and testing. We do not levy additional charges for live deployment.

Upon delivery of the final payment, we transfer all rights to the project to you. It is solely your property and we reserve no rights to it. We also ask for your permission to use the project for our portfolio and case study.

Yes, without a doubt. We welcome all our potential and existing clients to visit our offices in Bhopal, (M.P.) Bangalore (Karnataka) & Delhi , where we have a great chance to have a tete a tete over a tea or coffee. Plus, you also get the opportunity to look over our premises as well as meet our team members to foster communication and trust. You can have a visit to our office by taking a look at our Contact Us page for details related to our physical location.

We Do
  1. Research client’s industry, and understand what’s important to them and their business to meet their every expectation
  2. Regular Meetings to ensure the lucid communication between two parties
  3. Detailed Review after every successful accomplishment for bug free product
  4. Single Point of Contact for every communication to provide hassle free work progress
  5. Regular Feedback to avoid any mishandling in terms of operation, management and work

Below is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Web Development Category. We guess you also have question(s), which lie(s) within the questions listed below. In case you have or come up with some other questions, which are not included in the category, please let us know here.

Salient features of our Web Development FAQs section:


We excel in offering responsive web designing and development solutions.


Every ecommerce website we design feature specialty beyond compare.


Our USP is to offer 100% commitment towards your project.


We utilize a flexible and user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) for our users.

We consider various factors before estimating the exact cost of the website. The platform it is being developed on, website scope, amount of functionality and features, business requirements, etc. We also carry discussion and meetings to ensure that there are no differences in the understanding of both the parties and prepare the SOW which includes the requirements as per our perception and hence makes it easy for us to provide the best suited price.
To get more accurate estimate please download our Web App development Questionnaire document
Home > Company > Resources > Download > Web Q & A Document

Our Unique Selling Proposition (USP) as a web development company is quite fair and well defined. Ever since we have evolved in the industry, we have been offering premium services at extremely affordable price rates, giving our 100% commitment towards your project. We take quality at the top of the priority and we never let our clients down in this regard. Our professionals are seasoned and carry a decade of experience in the domain of PHP, Java , Microsoft, Open-source and other technologies.   No matter what the size and type of your project are, we make our efforts to the fullest to deliver impeccable success to you

Yes, we do. Responsive designs come in handy with all the development we do. We expertise in the responsive designs and our websites work in almost all the platforms.
For More information :

We definitely offer samples so that we don’t have to do re work again and again as it saves time and cost. We provide Unlimited revision and 3 sample for each web project for home page approval.

Obliviously, when we talk about changes it brings lots of working and hard work. Still, we offer clients to propose changes if small and will not affect the major modules. We also take care of the requirement analysis phase thoroughly so that the situation doesn’t occur.

Yes, we cater to special web hosting requests for only those project which is developed by us. We have high configuration Rack server placed in diff. data center i.e US / Singapore / India and European country.

We are also certified AWS Partner and Google Cloud Platform and we assist in deployment of the project on these cloud servers as well.

We use the standard Module View Controller (MVC) architecture for website design and development and it varies based on the project details.

Open-sourcerefers to technologies where the code is available freely to all for distribution or modification, which lowers development costs. .Net technology on the other hand is commercial in nature and has code usage, modification and distribution rights reserved.

Static websites are coded using only HTML which means every page is independent and does not rely on a database or external file for operation. Static pages require individual modification, with each page requiring separate changes. Dynamic websites are coded using PHP or ASP and offer greater functionality via use of a Content Management System (CMS). They also include database and external support. Updates and changes are easier to perform as they do not require knowledge of HTML. Which one is more suited to you depends entirely on the purpose and type of project you have in mind. That being said, dynamic websites are usually considered better options.

Cloud computing provides the availability of data to the client from anywhere with the internet connection. It has to be made compatible to run on various platform. OMSOFTWARE excels in the technology and hence can provide the best solution.

ECommerce technology is complex and hence requires thorough analysis of your requirement. Once we get the exact scope, we can advice the best architecture and platform to accomplish the same.
To get more detail idea about the 
To get more detail about  eCommerce pricing & Platform Selection  Download Home > Company > Resources > Download > eCommerce Q & A Document

Yes, we can. Our programmers and developers are well knowledgeable in a broad range of technologies and can offer assistance in the continuation and foster development of any website. Unless your website is built on a non-conventional platform, we will most truly be able to assist you monumentally.

CMS or Content Management System is a fundamental software framework, which enables you to handle, and revise the content on your website in void of having any technical coding knowledge. Exercising a CMS is highly suggested in case of multiple users with several roles and access on your website.

ECommerce websites have need of sophisticated coding, brilliant functionality and flexible architecture. Based on your needs, we can give a word for the best platform that fits your needs to a nicety. Just let us know about your needs and we will get back to you without a delay.

Below we feature the list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Mobile Development Category. We take it for granted that you also have question(s), which lie(s) within the questions featured below. In case you have or come up with some other questions, which are not included in the category, please write to us here.


Our mobile developed apps are compatible with all trendy mobile platforms.


Our developed mobile apps are functional even without internet connection


We offer services additionally for marketing mobile apps.


We utilize the state-of-the-art framework to develop a mobile app.

Once the requirement is analyzed, the timeline is set for different modules which depend on various factors such as platform, nature of mobile app (Static or Dynamic) etc. Accordingly we design the payment structure. 

To get more accurate estimate please download our mobile development Questionnaire document
Home > Company > Resources > Download > Mobile Q & A Document

Yes, we design and develop mobile app for a wide range of existing platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Symbian. We also offer a range of cross-platform services for operating a distinct app over a range of platforms via tools such as PhoneGap, Sencha Touch, Titanium, etc
For More Details you can check out this page

Yes, you can revise the apps following the delivery or the release. However, please note that these services will incur surcharges.

Yes, we typically do it and we do it without costing you anything. However, we want to make you sure that the subscription fee charged by the app store company will have to be borne by you.

This basically depends on the client’s needs and preferences as if which framework they are highly interested in. We also utilize the iOS SDK, Xcode and other valuable tools granted by Apple Inc. For Android app development, we generally exercise the Android SDKs and for cross-platform development, we give advice to the client concerning the advantages and disadvantages of every platform and talk about the most appropriate course of action.

Yes, we offer mobile application promotional services. Please get in touch with our sales team or write to us a query about your app marketing needs.
You can reach us by submitting the contact / request a quote page or direct email to
By long odds, we can! We basically deploy innovative technologies such as PhoneGap, Sencha Touch, Titanium, etc. to develop apps that will work homogeneously across all trendy platforms.

Yes, we give you the guarantee with confidence. However, please note that this guarantee is valid only in the case of a technical flaw that occurred within the app. Rejection resulting due to copyright or other non-technical reasons does not cover this guarantee.

Yes, you can do so. To be précis, we give our clients regular updates all through the app development process and once it arrives at the testing phase, we can bring in test builds that you can test on your device.

We feel elated to deliver custom-made solutions without costing a fortune to our  clients. The cost of developing  and customizing an app is based on several salient factors such as the extent, functionality, complication, platform, etc. Yet, to get exact price rates, we invite you to touch base with our mobile development team.

Our proven technology and tools methodology in conjunction with our innovative development framework emboldens our team to create high-grade apps in a short and limited time frame. Plus, the flexible nature of our line of attack enables us to deliver the end results to you again in the shortest frame of time.

Considering native apps built on the Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows platform, they are functional without an internet connection.
However, specific functionalities like social networking or RSS feeds do require an active internet connection for updates.

NO. After you have projected your project requirements to us and you agree upon our plan of action, there is no involvement at your end unless specified by you.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Hiring Models Category. We guess you also have question(s), which lie(s) within the questions listed below. In case you have or come up with some other related questions, which are missing in category, please let us know here.

Salient features of our Mobile Development FAQs section:


We offer flexible hiring models for our clients to choose from as per their preferences.


Hire any number of developers you want by way of email, chat and telephone.


We offer flexibility to hire our developers according to your region’s time zone.


Our developers sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)and we assure you that your idea and code has not been shared to any one without your permission.

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Below is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Payment Terms Category. We assume that you also have question(s), which lie(s) within the questions listed below. In case you have or come up with some other similar questions, which are missing in category, please let us know here.

Salient features of our Hiring Models FAQs section:


Make payment only for the services you have hired for a specific time frame.


No hidden or extra charges.You Only pay the quoted price as per the signed agreement.


Flexibility to make payments through all popular payment methods.


Get refunds to your payment in case you are not satisfied with our work. We assure tha you get maximum ROI and for that we work dedicatedly to make sure you get for what you are paying.

We have flexible payment terms for client comfort. For small scale projects, we accept 50% of the total cost upfront, while the remainder can be payed upon project completion. In the case of larger and more complex projects, we create a project-specific custom payment sheet based on factors like project scope, requirements and delivery date.

We use an efficient change management procedure for any changes in the project. For minor ongoing changes in the running project, the changes are communicated to the project manager concerned, who gets them executed. If the changes are significant and can greatly add to the work-load that has been estimated at the beginning of the project, we scope creep the project again and submit the revised quote, for acceptance to the client.