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10 Challenges In Marketing AI And Machine Learning Solutions

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence have gained immense popularity in the past few years. Thanks to companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google for coming up with their own Cloud Machine Learning platforms.


One of the most important things to note is that most of us know about machine learning without even having any precise knowledge about it. Image Tagging on Face and Spam Detection on Email are typical examples of our day-to-day use of machine learning.


AI-based marketing is beneficial, but it has its own cons too. There are several reasons why you may want to include this in your business. But, there are also reasons why you should be careful with it. Artificial intelligence can lead to several problems often, which may be deadly for your business.


Take a look at some of the potential mistakes or challenges faced with AI marketing.


1. Complexity

Time and complexity are some of the most prominent things to notice in businesses. Businesses need a lot of time to develop and maintain machine learning solutions. If the data is scattered in a system, you will need to blend it together. If you successfully extract, clean, and reformat the data, you will need to manipulate it again. You can include machine learning tools into your system to remove the complexities.


2. Balancing accuracy

The accuracy in balancing can only be obtained if the model approach is right. High accuracy means hard to solve and complex models, while easy interpretation means simple models. The AI marketing companies have given up on the traditional black-box techniques and adopted the white-box ones. The white box model helps to manage behavior and variables, thereby keeping a check with the predictions. As a result, it helps to build trust by maintaining transparency.


3. Less support

According to the reports, only a handful of companies are keen on investing in products based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Despite the developments in this sector, not many businesses can make the most of it. Lesser knowledge regarding machine learning is what causes major problems. As a result, you may get in touch with data scientists who can offer effective solutions.


4. Infrastructure inefficiency

The lack of a proper IT framework is one of the main reasons for AI/ML not developing. IT infrastructure needs to have hardware with a strong performance to keep up with the data. However, maintaining them, in the long run, can also be expensive. Also, it becomes necessary to offer constant updates for maintenance. The increasing cost eventually becomes problematic for small businesses with a limited budget.


5. Investment

Investment has always been a problem in the IT sector because of the expenses and execution. A lot of websites use AI as a potential Salesforce. They are based more on cases than innovation. Well, AI algorithms can play an important role in bringing customization ranging from emails to newsletters and even chatboxes. Therefore, in situations like these, it is extremely necessary to consider the marketing tools used for AI.


6. Model Operation

The model deployment can impact the value of machine learning. Slow and prolonged operationalization can help to manage and deploy machine learning solutions easily. However, the deployment for a single model production can often range from 8 to 90 days, which is why it becomes complex. You can check the various models of deployment. As a result, you can check for real-time and batch-processing models, thereby making a final selection. Make sure to choose the most convenient model for you in terms of cost, complexity, and infrastructure.


7. High-quality data

Machine learning is all about high-quality data. The main challenge of machine learning is to provide accurate data with results. Both AI and Machine learning depend on data to conceptualize the algorithms. However, organizations today have been providing biased, unstructured, and errored data, which can be problematic in the long run. Small organizations do not provide high-quality data and do not come with proper data infrastructure.


To avoid these complications, the organization should focus on formatting and cleansing data to meet the required standards. Any organization overlooking the data can lead to AI and ML project issues.


8. Detecting the problems

AI is one of the greatest solutions for businesses, but it can't offer solutions to every business problem. If you are building AI software only to solve problems without analyzing the end results, things can become complicated. AI helps collect insights, understand complex customer patterns, and transfer huge high-quality amounts of data.


As a result, it is essential to understand the problem and solve them with clear objectives. This will help you gain success and calculate it with strong objectives.


9. Inaccessible data and privacy

To provide a strong solution to the customers, it is extremely necessary to have robust and accurate data sets with minimal or no biases to avoid any risk. A lot of unstructured data can cause problems in the long run. It is usually a collection of sensitive data which is processed in the stored system. Rather than investing huge money, it is necessary to plan a proper infrastructure to develop and store structured data. This allows saving money and further creates usable and productive data.


10. Inexperienced and untrained professionals

Not everyone knows how to market AI software. A lot of companies do not have professionals trained in AI or ML. The lack of these talents is one of the biggest challenges in the IT sector. Another great challenge is that many businesses restrict their IT recruitment to only 20% when it requires more expertise to cope with AI and ML. Machine Learning is in huge demand, but it is also necessary to get hold of proper training. In a scenario where AI talent is less, organizations must focus on more sources to drive better results.


The right AI tools can help to bring about a huge difference in your business. It is necessary to stay focused on gaining better results. Although AI is necessary for your business, you need to stay focused to bring more productivity to your business.


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