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PHP Zend Development

The PHP Zend framework has often been looked upon as one of the ultimate PHP frameworks when it comes to web application development. This framework is appreciated by both, developers and clients, the PHP Zend framework is an open-source platform that enables developers engineer highly ingenious web apps whilst offering them with an ample and scalable feature base.

Similar to open-source technologies of this platform, the Zend framework is incessantly updated by a huge community of contributors that aid in enhancing its practicality and flexibility. The Zend framework is all the rage among the developers generally because of its standard nature, its functionally rich features and above all, its enterprise-oriented strategy.

PHP Zend – A framework for High-end Enterprise Web Applications

Tantamount to most open source software, the Zend framework has scaled the popularity from the ground up. This is generally because of the broad range of cutthroat and salient features it has to offer both small-sized and large-sized business projects.

» Vast range of libraries.
» Backs up a diverse database platforms such as Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, etc.
» Expandable MVC execution backing up layouts and PHP-based templates.
» Versatile cachin

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