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Mr. RajKamal, the Founder and CEO of OM Software, often shares his personal thoughts and beliefs on how businesses related to web development, ebusiness, online and mobile app development etc. are facing challenges in this cutthroat competitive era in this area. He also writes about the ways to deal with the challenges and grow the business successfully. The CEO often updates the blogs here, so stay tuned.

The mobile app development industry is constantly evolving and things have changed a lot. With smartphones becoming one of the most important parts of our life, the technology too has become an undeniable part of our life.

As time moves ahead towards more technological advancements, a new app is launched in the market. Several reports over the years have shown the positive impact of these apps on the market

A proper content marketing strategy is the key to taking your business to great heights. But, do you know that most of the businesses in today's time do not have a proper strategy? The content marketing plan would however vary depending on your business.

Every business should work towards having a logo for their business that can help to boost the impression. It has the power to uphold your brand's perception. Om Software can help you develop a logo that can help to reflect your brand's image. But do you really want to change your logo? Make sure to consider a few things. So, leave no room for mistakes and contact professionals at Om Software.

Educational apps have come a long way and it's for the good. If we take a look, every student in today's time is glued to their smartphones. The coming in of smartphones and mobile apps have eased our life to a significant aspect. The promising development of mobile apps have surely had a positive impact in our life.

AI-based marketing is beneficial, but it has its own cons too. There are several reasons why you may want to include this in your business. But, there are also reasons why you should be careful with it. Artificial intelligence can lead to several problems often, which may be deadly for your business.

A lot of websites put their phone numbers or email addresses, thinking their customers to contact them. Apart from that, several websites also put their HTML mail to links. But is it that easy? No. No customer wants to save your mail or email id just to contact you. Instead of simplifying things, it only leads to complex issues. Relying on these means for your customers to contact you will complicate things.

It's 2020, and apps are the things that have played an essential role in enhancing the overall quality of life. Needless to say, these apps have had a huge impact on our life. Gone are the days when you needed to stick to your remote controls for making changes. It's time that you shift your focus and choose smart apps. These home apps have allowed better access and eased a lot of things

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JavaScript has played an essential role in transforming the digital world. No wonder, ever since this framework came into the market, things have turned upside down. Well, there's no reason to consider why JavaScript is so popular.

No customer experience is obtained in a day. A better customer experience is a result of in-depth planning and delivery. However, there is a minimal approach to customer experiences. The businesses, over time, have mastered the time to ensure better results of customer experience.