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Mr. RajKamal, the Founder and CEO of OM Software, often shares his personal thoughts and beliefs on how businesses related to web development, ebusiness, online and mobile app development etc. are facing challenges in this cutthroat competitive era in this area. He also writes about the ways to deal with the challenges and grow the business successfully. The CEO often updates the blogs here, so stay tuned.

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A logo is not only your brand's symbol but an entire representation. Without a logo, a brand loses its authority and is nothing. Every business should work towards having a logo for their business that can help to boost the impression. It has the power to uphold your brand's perception.

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Launching an app without knowing the market is like jumping into a lake of fire. It's extremely dangerous and risky. You surely wouldn't want to risk the shot, since you've already invested a lot. The first thing you would want to do before launching the app is to know the market.

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Do you know what a successful business is? When you are getting regular sales from a group of loyal customers

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The pandemic-induced school closures put 1.2 billion children out of the classroom globally. This made institutes to use stopgap arrangements such as virtual-led teaching for the continuity of education

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"Blogspot.in domains are not working. Reasons and Reactions"

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Mobile app development has always been one of the most important things to consider. The digital world has contributed a lot to transform the businesses. With moving times, it has become necessary for businesses to change with the digital world. Moreover, due to the Coronavirus, the entire world has moved to the digital section. Since the world is in a pandemic and the businesses are almost shut, most of them have been ensuring work-from-home. But, it is necessary for the restaurant businesses to focus on the business development procedure. Thus, what can be better than app development

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Here at OMSOFTWARE PVT LTD, we’re committed to providing development solutions for your business! We work with businesses of all sizes and primarily focus on small business clients. So today we want to praise small businesses, especially in our home state of Colorado!


Startups have become an ongoing thing in today's generation. The emergence of tech startups has taken over the world. The entire credit should be handed down to the privileges that today's youth are receiving in the academic field. The seeds for emerging technological startups are sown in the academic years itself which later on grows to be a tree

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The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 proved to be a threat and a problem. It led to massive disruptions in the work schedule, but we are ensured that we provide excellent services to our clients even from remote destinations.

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E-Commerce is ever growing with the increasing popularity of Internet. In recent few years, several people made their way into providing some kind of e-Commerce based services or products. It helped them in earning handsome income through their e-Commerce ventures. Starting an e-Business seems an attractive option for a majority of internet users nowadays. This article will help such people in setting up their business with help of Open Source CMS (Content Management System).