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Mr. RajKamal, the Founder and CEO of OM Software, often shares his personal thoughts and beliefs on how businesses related to web development, ebusiness, online and mobile app development etc. are facing challenges in this cutthroat competitive era in this area. He also writes about the ways to deal with the challenges and grow the business successfully. The CEO often updates the blogs here, so stay tuned.

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E-Commerce is ever growing with the increasing popularity of Internet. In recent few years, several people made their way into providing some kind of e-Commerce based services or products. It helped them in earning handsome income through their e-Commerce ventures. Starting an e-Business seems an attractive option for a majority of internet users nowadays. This article will help such people in setting up their business with help of Open Source CMS (Content Management System).

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Trying to seek expert help in Ecommerce Website design and development can be a tricky task to undertake. Who do you trust? How do you choose the right content management system developer? What type of Ecommerce store is best for my needs? All these questions are good but finding out the answers can prove to be a challenge. The aim of this article is to demystify the task of finding a Ecommerce Website design and development company. The following simple questions will guide you in finding the best Ecommerce Website design company to work with.

Heartwarming Congratulations To All Americans ON INDEpendence day

Today is Independence Day in USA, the day of several celebrations, the day of fun and laughter, the day of fireworks, the day of global importance, and above all the day of dignity for all US Citizens. I wish a very-very Happy Independence Day to all US Citizens.

An idea is always considered ridiculous till it proves itself a phenomenon. Same can be said for e-commerce that met with huge criticism in its early days, is it safe or not? Is it viable or not? With the popularity of the internet and stupendous advancement in the fields of mobile technology, e-commerce is here and that too, with a bang. Sites that are equipped with proper phone-support get a huge advantage and are preferred by world leaders such as android, blackberry etc.

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OM Software Internet Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (OMS) is helping out small and medium enterprises (SME's) to achieve their business goals by integrating technology into all their core business functions. OMS has developed its expertise in developing ERP and CMS application stargeting small business needs.

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Information Technology (IT) has transformed the way businesses used to function in past. Nobody imagined during initial days of Internet evolution that one day, it will override every functioning of a business. However, it happened. Especially in last one decade every business has become IT dependent. Why this transformation? What kind of benefits IT offers to modern businesses? This article describes some of the most important benefits that empowered modern businesses.


Web hosting is an essential need for every business (no matter eBusiness or any offline business). Websites and web applications are a part of modern life. Therefore, in order to have their own website or online shop people need reliable web hosting.


Today on eve of Thanksgiving I'm offering my heartiest congratulations to you (on beha