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Content Enrichment

Revising content under the table steps up its value on the facade. Combined with seamless tagging that nurtures its ascertain ability, rest assured that your content becomes more recyclable, ascertainable, and saleable.

Synergistic: Incorporating new legacy and life into lax content .

Synergism brings forth influential audience engagement and attaches more significance to your digital products. Appraisal and adaptive learning functions incorporate and build up the continuance and final results of your interactive content. This creates a huge difference in making content more valuable and convincing.

OM Software’s Books, eManuals, and eCourses offer better-quality and synergistic content, for example:

» High-res, synergistic images
» Pop-up windows
» Maps, graphs, and charts
» Jump and push links
» Guided tours
» 3-D renderings, video, and audio
» Self-tests and adaptive erudition functionality
» Children’s books characters
» Avatars and smiles
» CGI/animation

Based on the source stuffs you have, OM Software can convert them to enriched digital formats for any screen size of a mobile device.

OM Software is the number one production partner for Inkling-we have marked a record for generating awe-inspiring and bang-up digital products. Get in touch with us to get the price quotes of the Content Enrichment Service we offer.

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