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OMS Infrastructure


To produce successful business solutions for diverse set of customers an enterprise needs reliable, modern, updated and technologically advance infrastructure. It is the very important to provide a well-established working environment to all working professionals with the best IT infrastructure to get maximum outcome from all available resources. To respond to business opportunities in least possible time, an enterprise also needs a robust network Infrastructure.

To ensure availability of each and everything from basic amenities to hardware resources and software tools, OMS has a designated set of resources (experienced people, latest computers, high-speed networks) that provides best facilities according to the international IT industry standards.

OM Software Internet Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is headquartered in Bhopal (India) the capital city of Madhya Pradesh and a developing Metro of central India. OMS operates from a vibrant, exciting environment, with excellent infrastructure facilities.

OMS is well-equipped with state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, with several high configuration workstations fully equipped with the latest hardware, operating systems and software as per the requirement.

For offering total customer satisfaction, OMS operates on a 24x7 work model equipped with uninterrupted broadband connectivity, crisis management help lines and backup devices. All our workstations at each development center are powered by:

» High Configuration Intel Processors
» 8-16 GB RAM
» 500 GB of Hard Disk, and
» Original Intel Boards

We have employed HP Servers (Running Windows Server 2012 Enterprise and Red Hat Enterprise) running on dual/quad core Intel Xeon CPU's with 4-8 GB of RAM and RAID protected SATA II hard disk drives to handle the requirements effectively. Another high configuration proxy server handles High Speed Internet and distributes it through out the network via wireless access points. Whole of the OMS campus is Wi-Fi, providing a chance to all professionals to work seamlessly with ease.

We have our own web server with 99.9% uptime to cater the web hosting needs of our esteemed set of clients. Fault management, regular data backup, and strict network security are some of the key features of OMS Network Model. It also ensures the security of all sensitive and confidential data of our clients.

OMS Technical Team consists of well-qualified engineers with several years of relevant experience according to the tough industry standards. Network Management teams constantly work to provide seamless network connectivity, uniform high speed dedicated Internet connection and 24x7 help desk support to ensure maximum productive hours.

This is our unique technology-driven infrastructure that helps us in achieving our business goals, and makes us capable of dealing with all kinds of customer requirements, independent of global variations.

OMS Infrastructure at a Glance:

General Facilities/Infrastructure

» Adequate storage area with full Security
» Adequate fire safety systems
» Ergonomically designed furniture
» In-house recreation facilities


»Dedicated high speed internet connectivity(Leased Line)
»Dial up connection as backup for Internet
»Modem, Routers and all necessary facilities
»Secured Wi-Fi Networks

Man Power

»125+ Highly Skilled and Experience Softwae Engineers
»Dedicated Server Administrator and Technical Support Staff
»Highly skilled & experienced personnels, well conversant with English


»Over 150 Work Stations in 3 Diff. Locations, at present with a capacity to increase
»Printers: Laser Jet, Desk Jet etc
»High Speed Scanners
»Power supply with backup facilities
»Adequate Data Backup with CD Writer, Zip Drives etc

Systems Environment

»Servers: Windows 10, Windows NT, Linux
»Back-up Server
»Structured cabling for high speed data access
»Servers over LAN / WAN
»Live servers in USA data center for hosting applications