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10 Elements Every Education App Should Have

Due to the Covid-19 breakout, everything has been brought to a halt. All this is done to flatten the curve. But technology has grown a lot too and it is commendable to see the development of apps in so many areas. Educational apps are undoubtedly one of the best ones to consider. 

Educational apps have come a long way and it's for the good. If we take a look, every student in today's time is glued to their smartphones. The coming in of smartphones and mobile apps have eased our life to a significant aspect. The promising development of mobile apps has surely had a positive impact on our life. 

Educational apps have become extremely popular and are undoubtedly, it is the third most popular category of apps. It has its own subdivisions, depending on the requirement of schools. There are apps for pre-school level and for elementary level as well. Since schools are closed down, the schools have been using these mobile educational apps to promote education among all. 

Benefits of Mobile Apps

The education apps on mobile devices have helped a lot. It has helped parents keep a track of their child's progress and so much more. Not only teachers and parents, but mobile apps have also proven to be beneficial for students. 

Here are some of the prominent benefits of developing mobile apps:

1. Students love it

Irrespective of age, every student is fond of apps. Once their learning is integrated into the apps, they will be more interested in studying. Well, believe it or not, students tend to be more responsive and enthusiastic when learning from apps. 

2. Better interaction

One of the greatest advantages of the coming of education apps is that students have a better chance to interact. Moreover, it also helps the parents to become interactive. The parents can easily use these apps to teach their kids. 

3. Always available

School learning is available to students only for a limited time. And in today's time it can be admitted that due to Covid-19, school learning cannot be available. Hence, the apps are available to students all the time which makes it efficient for them to access it. The students can learn from the apps anytime they want without having to worry about the loss of a lesson. Without restrictions, the students can learn in a better way. 

4. Frequent updates

One of the greatest benefits of using education apps is that they are always available. They are one great resource for learning. But, apart from that, these learning apps are extremely valuable as well. The educational apps make sure to offer constant updates regarding events, timetables, exam schedules, and more. 

5. Better methods of learning

The traditional method of learning in classrooms has always appealed to students but exposing them to learning through apps is a new method. Learning via apps is considered to be a healthy method of learning thereby helping students analyze everything from a new perspective. 

Features every educational app must have

Education has undergone a major shift in the past time. Online methods of learning have developed and have had a huge impact on the audience. 

The online apps have made education available, responsible, and even flexible. The students have the opportunity to learn even outside the classrooms in newer methods. 

The prominent features that every education app must-have in today's generation includes the following

1. Video-based content

The educational apps should provide a medium of video-based learning to students where they get to access pre-recorded lectures and chapter-wise lessons as offered by instructors. 

The pre-recorded lectures help students to access data and learning anytime they want. Moreover, they will also get to access other features such as forwarding videos, zooming images, and more. Video-based content has become extremely efficient for students as well as instructors.

2. Live sessions and tutorials

One of the greatest advantages of educational apps should be that it offers live sessions and tutorials to everyone. The live sessions and tutorials only help to enhance the skills of students. 

Including live sessions in the educational apps means to allow live interaction between students and teachers to clear their doubts. It is more of a virtual classroom that is very much symbolic of the entire learning procedure. 

3. Offline mode

A high-speed internet connection can often be a problem, especially for countries that do not have a strong internet spectrum. Hence, the educational apps should be stable with proper offline mode as well that can promote downloading of materials. 

The downloaded items can help students stay active and interested in the apps. Moreover, since the materials are downloaded, they can access them anytime they want. Every module contains detailed information regarding the app and what it aims to teach. Moreover, it comes with updates and modifications as well. 

4. Interactive content

App Store as well as Play Store has a range of educational apps that can help the students stay active with interaction. The contents of the educational apps should be interactive and engaging so that everyone stays active. 

Hence every content uploaded on the website should be mobile-friendly and directly aimed at reaching the target audience. Each content should be made fun by including fun facts and statistics to keep the interest of students attached. It should be an easy-to-understand content so that students can grasp the content. 

5. Easy navigation

No doubt every kid loves browsing through mobile apps, but educational apps? Not much. There is a high probability that the kids have been asked to use these educational apps for the first time mostly due to parents and teachers. Hence, they are sure to be annoyed and they will look for small signs that will help them to avoid using the app. 

Signup is always considered to be one of the most annoying parts of using any app. Since the educational apps are specifically designed for kids, they should not have a complex sign up procedures. Moreover, the user interface must be interactive as well. The students need to get familiar with the app in the first five minutes as well so that they don't have to face any difficulty in browsing it. 

6. Database

Although technical, it is one of the most important points to consider. All data related to the education sector and apps are stored in the servers so it is necessary to use a secure server. Furthermore, it is also necessary to have a strong database management system that will deliver strong and powerful results. 

Moreover, the educational app's database management system should be strong enough to incorporate even the smallest of data such as facts, figures, videos, statistics and more, which forms an important part of the content. 

7. Gamification

Gamification is one of the best ways to attract an audience. It is further important to have a proper user-friendly experience with a reach to maximum users. No wonder the students are attracted to games and fun interfaces. 

Various research has shown that students tend to learn more through fun and interactive game sessions. As a result, there won't be any harm in including a gamification session in your digital classroom too. Most schools have introduced the concept of badges that help students take up challenges and reach out to a larger audience. Gamification is also said to be necessary to boost engagement and helps in the overall cognitive development of the child.

8. Personalization

Personalization is always considered to be one of the best features for educational apps aimed at enhancing the overall experience. Kids from all age groups are potential learners when using educational apps. Hence, how successful the educational app strongly depends on personalized experience. 

Personalization plays an important role in keeping the users engaged. The apps should contain feedback, corrections, mock tests, and more. If the apps respond according to the user's needs, they will be able to analyze the manners and methods and use them effectively. If the doubts are cleared in an effective manner, the users will get better access to an improved experience. 

9. Push Notifications

Push notifications are an important part of each app. It is required for connecting the users and helping them stay updated about changes in the app. The education apps with push notifications are aimed at improving communication and ensure proper steps are taken. 

The push notifications in mobile apps help the students stay alert and updated about advertisements from particular students. However, an expert developer is required for building the educational app and launching it successfully in the market.

10. Social media integration

Social media has become a common aspect of networking via apps. Hence, educational apps should allow social media integration to ensure an easy sign-up procedure. However, at the same time, it is necessary to use social media with educational apps properly to provide maximum benefits to the users. Social media integration also helps to reach a larger group of audience. 

It's all due to developments in technology that online education is being provided to students even in these tough times. The popularity of education apps is growing each day and the approachability has become more immense as well. Integrating all the above-mentioned features in the apps can play an important role in helping the learners get hold of education. 

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