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The existing time is too competitive and that is why it is hard to see a trend in existence currently stay for a long time. Currently, Graphical User Interface (GUI) is an up-to-date trend, which is appreciated and utilized by most webmasters for outstanding web development. Under the fast growing trend, terrific and well-defined GUI has become a vital part of applications today. Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is a configuration, which is very instrumental in creating artistically appealing intuitive browser-oriented apps. WPF comprises multiple attractive features such 2-D and 3-D graphics, styles, Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML), controls, templates, animation, documents, interface, data fastening, text, media and contours. Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), on the other hand, is a programming structure used for building, developing and dealing out Service-Oriented Applications (SOA). As a cardinal part of .NET framework 3.0 and 3.5, WCF facilitates cross-application and cross-platform communications by dint of protocols.

OM Software- A Premier WPF/WCF Web Development Service Provider

OM Software is a premier WPF/WCF development service provider with years of rich experience and expertise in the domain. We are having a team of highly practiced and experienced developers who have marked a record in offering excellent WPF/WCF Development Services. We first give full attention to the projects of our clients and accordingly deliver the products. We have made a track record of delivering extremely affordable, cost-effective and scalable WPF/WCF development services.

We provide the following Windows WPF/WCF services:We provide the following Windows WPF/WCF services:

» Integrate Rich Internet Applications (RIA) with WCF
» Customized WCF Implementation
» Customized WCF Implementation
» WCF Services Designing
» WCF Services Support & Maintenance
» WCF Apps Development
» WCF Secured Web Development
» WCF and SOA Integration
» WCF Messaging System
» WPF User Interface
» WPF User Experience
» WPF Interoperability
» WPF Data Binding
» WPF Graphics
» Higher Individual WCF/WPF Developers

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