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Engagement Models

Businesses even dealing in the same industry vary in mutual in certain aspects. With this in mind, we want to make you sure that none of our development processes bear any similarity in mutual. We, at OM Software, try our level best to deliver the most favorable results by way of our innovative and proven strategies and tools.

Carrying a decade of experience in offering superb IT services and solutions to the international customers, we give the word to achieve all your website’s needs in a well-timed and qualitative fashion.

Here are the salient features of engagement model:

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1. Committed Offshore Resources

Being a preeminent and NASSCOM certified IT industry leaders, we give scrupulous attention to your detail with regards to the administrative control over the development process. That said, we encourage you to go through Hire a Developer Model below, which facilitates you to hire web developers, web designers, mobile app developers and SEO professionals. This prototype furnishes you with a set of 3 options that underline your needs and goals clearly.

Full-Time Hiring option -

Full-time hiring seems to be one of the most effective option ranging within the belt of Hire a Developer Model. A maximum number of our clients opt for this option as a result of the superb ease it provides in terms of administrative control over the development processes. At this point, we encourage you to hire our professionals specializing in the domains of web design and development, mobile app development and internet marketing on a full-time basis. These experts will focus on and execute your projects, and be in direct touch with you all through the period of your project's development, thus granting you utmost control.

Part-Time Hire option -

Part-time hiring option is relatively tantamount to our full-time hiring model with only one subtle difference. Dissimilar to the full-time hire model, the part-time hire model furnishes you with a professional that will dedicate at least 80 hours worth of production time for your project.

Hourly Hire option -

We are ripe for just every possibility; and to that end, we present to you another available model that is ‘hire on hourly bases. That means you can hire our professionals on an hourly basis. This type of model is just the ticket for circumstances where you are in need of a professional help for a trifle project and is tremendously cost-effective.

If you are well informed about your business needs and want to give heed predominantly to core business rather than giving concern for software development, opt for this model.

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2. Invariable Price

You operate a business and you already have the initiative in mind on how to bloom it further. At this juncture, our Invariable Price Model fits in best and will create a huge difference in your campaign. This model features superb competence and precision. You just have to share your initiatives and needs in a well-defined manner as well as the extent including the deliverables and receipt. Finally, after surveying your requirements well, we will carry out the projects on a fixed-price and billing mode.

Not to mention, this model is a quintessence of swanky quality thanks to our proven development methodologies.

If the needs and extent of the project are crystal clear this model is just the thing for you.

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3. Time and Stuff

Our Time & Stuff model is the thing for the customers who are unsure about their business needs, goals as well as end-results if marketing campaign is launched. At the crossroads, we consider your input and other slightest details importantly considering that you have need of flexibility and incessant revisions and updates in the project. Also, we deploy a rather inflexible project management as well as daily/weekly basis reporting system that ascertains least or negligible involvedness to you.

This type of model is the thing for you if you do not have any idea about the exact resources, time and team size that are essential to carry out the project successfully.

If the needs and extent of the project are consistently developing, this model is a right choice for you.