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Data Mining & Analysis

The data which is typically of key use to your business is often difficult to get to, hidden in a far-off nook and corner of the Internet zone or in amorphous, inscrutable databases.

Transforming data into information

OM Software has the competence to transform unrefined data, numbers, and database into prevailing business insight.

OM Software collects and assesses huge volumes of information from databases, websites, and customer feeds. It subsequently sorts out and converts it into formats that can be effortlessly delivered or transferred to any database. With data from out of the ordinary to the ordinary, we:

» Scrutinize costs and bonus plans
» Surveys career avenues of C-level executives
» Track IPOs
» Research funding programs
» Survey eBook releases
» Bring together research papers in any domain
» Bring together databases of post-graduate programs
» Scrutinize financial statements
» Validate phone numbers

Converting database into knowledge

We bring a variety of techniques such as phone call justification, internet interviews and surveys, and with proprietary automation tools and custom-made, perpetual-motion web spiders and crawlers into use to turn up the information you comb. We subsequently combine it with the knowledge you want. Converting knowledge into content

OM Software’s data mining procedure is very simple “comb, discover, and retrieve”: we take in the nature of your data as seriously, how you can use it exactly, and how to enhance its utility.

Our full-fledged team of encyclopedia subject matter pros whether the domain is business, law, financial services, know-how, medical etc. Render this information into momentous information in transparent, brief reports and white papers, as well as easy-to-navigate info.

To Sum up: OM Software steps up your in-house data mining competencies, makes them scalable, and augments the scale of your subject matter know-how right away and cost-effectively.

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