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CodeIgniter has brought about a revolution in the PHP industry these days as a result of its competence to help build up vibrant and greatly functional websites without the fuss to create great undocumented libraries or off-putting coding rules. This PHP-based framework is quite hassle free to use, instant and on top of that offers outstanding performance and is highly companionable with regular hosting. Plus, the CodeIgniter framework has been developed to ensure that the development process is outstandingly fast, as the developers are far away from the hassle to write out the code from scratch.

» Outstanding performance with well-defined, systematic and meticulous documentation
» Hassle-free programming procedure with no limitation to coding
» Class auto loading
» Search Engine Friendly URLs for enhanced rankings
» A broad range of compatibility options with standard hosting
» Effortless & user-friendly debugging process

Our Services –A leading CodeIgniter Development Company

OM Software professionally and proficiently makes the most of the influential performance efficiencies of CodeIgniter to create high-end, functional and sophisticatedly simple PHP based websites. PHP development is one of our specialties and we have been dealing in the domain particularly because of our 10 years of experience in the PHP framework.

Our CodeIgniter development services comprise the following fronts:

» Custom CodeIgniter development services
» CodeIgniter application development services
» API & library development services
» Performance optimization services
» Support and maintenance services

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PHP development is the domain we have been excelling in for almost a decade. Given the fact, it stands to reason well that we are very well experienced in it. Our developers have carried out hundreds of PHP based projects successfully to the entire satisfaction and pleasure of our clients.

Our developers are gifted in the following PHP development services and will do their utmost to grant total satisfaction for your investment in us.

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OM Software is a leading PHP development company with a strong workforce of 150 employees and 13 years in operation With our expert PHP development services, we can accelerate the potential of your business in the ruthless competitive marketplace.

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At OM Software Solutions, we have a bunch of seasoned, tech-savvy and sincere ASP.NET developers who are dedicated to delivering excellent solutions according to the clients’ needs and goals.