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Converting content into Info

OM Software has earned a giant reputation in the industry for creating metadata for more than a million newspaper pages and legal, medicinal, technical, and didactic documents.

Deploying a double-keyboarding procedure via our proprietary tool, our accomplished tagging team members assign tags to and grab metadata from:

» Bibliographic data
» Subject terms and keywords
» Journal and book titles
» Authors and editors
» Transactions
» Volume, issue, and page numbers
» ISSNs and ISBNs
» Copyright information
» Theory
» Article and chapter history

Semantic tagging

Crafting content for interfaces that do not yet have any existence directs to the fact of investing in content enhancement or delivering “elegant” content. A vast range of content typically exist in amorphous, “flat” files such as MS Word, PDFs, and app files i.e. Adobe InDesign. These types of file are typically difficult to process mechanically since they entail human manipulation.

XML tackles this issue by revising the format and the style. However, semantic tagging remarkably not only tackles simply exactly, how the content looks like, but also what it interprets.

Since computers are designed to interpret semantic tags, they can convert your legacy and innovative content into well turned-out content, thus facilitating users to easily discover through online search and repurpose for innovative content products.

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