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Sep 10 , 2019

Outsourcing SEO is not always a great option so is building an in-house team of SEO experts. The success of your SEO efforts - regardless of how you do it - depends on many factors; including the desired objectives, relevancy, competition, budget and expectations. But, what continues to be an internal debate of high importance is which is better.

Some SEO experts would argue in favour of in-house SEO citing quality and confidentiality concerns; whereas some would always, favour outsourcing SEO activities because it yields desired outcomes at a good price. If you too find yourself confused, we hope this article should help you make an informed decision.


• An introduction to In-House SEO

• Benefits of In-House SEO

• Challenges of In-House SEO

• An introduction to Outsourcing SEO

• Benefits of Outsourcing SEO

• Challenges of Outsourcing SEO

• Most important + (Plus) Points

• So, who should you go for?

• Conclusion

An Introduction To In-House SEO

In-House SEO is managing SEO your own office using tools, resources you invest and by employees who you hire on a monthly payout. Those looking for more control and adaptability find In-House SEO a great option to get started.

Benefits of Having Your In-House Team

• Full-time salaried employees are more committed (well, most of the time at least)

An in-house team of SEO means you have expert resources on board to tackle your own websites. The team is in a better position to understand your priorities and business objectives. Because the team is paid for their exclusive efforts dedicated to make your website rank higher, convert better, they usually are more focused, committed and agile to achieve desired results.

• Adaptability is a key decider for growth

With access to an in-house team of SEO executives, you can convey your requirements anytime you want, adapt with the market changes and your priorities - without having to wait for them to listen to you (which is usually the case when you outsource)

• Big Company with Big Responsibilities? In-House should be better choice

For large enterprises, the in-house SEO team is more beneficial. It is because they have huge on-going requirements and always strive for faster and on-time implementation of strategies.

• True customization is not so easy with outsourcing

You cannot always expect customized solutions from an SEO agency when you outsource your projects. The agencies are also business, and to sustain a competitive market, they can't always gather necessary resources and develop exclusive processes to tackle the evolving challenges you want to face. SEO today is no longer about the basic optimization stuff. It has evolved quite well, and outsourced SEO agencies might not always have time, resources and team to serve you only because they have other tasks on the priority list.

• Modern SEO is a lot about making informed decisions from senior-level executives

Without approval from the leadership team, SEO will not generate desired results. An internal team of SEOs has the advantage of building an instant, on-going relationship with decision-makers and thus facilitates quicker execution. Whereas; outsource SEO means the agency needs to rely on a monthly meeting, pre-established relationship with heads to carry things forward.

• Outsourced SEO agencies have limited time allotted to each client

They might not always exploit wider growth opportunities. An in-house team however always has the feasibility to sit together anytime, and mutually take informed decisions to reach growth mark.

Challenges of In-House SEO

• Costly undertaking

When you Hire An In-House SEO Team, you hire resources that know a specific set of information and/or have worked on projects and gathered the experiences. However, SEO is an evolving industry, which is getting matured every day. The knowledge your team possess can quickly become obsolete tomorrow. To ensure your team remains updated with the latest developments, you need to invest in tools, technologies, training and resources.

• Again, costly undertaking

In-house team is costly. You need to invest in timely tools and technologies as we mentioned and on the top of that, you need to pay for equipment, on-boarding and recruitment etc.

• Outsourcing SEO may not be of desired quality

Probably you have heard about it, and thus want an established SEO team. But what if your SEO team turns out to be of no value? What of despite the efforts, they could not achieve the desired difference in organic ranking, paid results, ORM, etc? That's a great concern.

• What if your in-house team turned out to be different?

It is not guaranteed that your in-house team of resources will always be committed, and dedicated to getting things done. What if they do not put their 100%? On the contrary, an SEO agency usually works on a set target and thrives on pay per result. So, you can very well guess where productivity is more likely to flow in. Internal conflict, corporate culture, politics and promotional rivalry exist everywhere. Only thing is that in an in-house official setup, the results are brightly reflected. An agency, on the other hand, should not want to beat the brunt of internal clashes on its client's projects

An Introduction To Outsourcing SEO

SEO outsourcing is the task of giving an outside supplier the role and responsibility of managing search engine optimization activity for your projects. It could be off-page or on-page or both - depending on the requirements.

Benefits Of SEO Outsource

• Get started asap, no need to suffer delays caused by on-boarding in-house

The market for SEO outsourcing is extremely competitive. To try it yourself, simply enter the search term ' SEO outsource services' and you will be amazed to find the never-ending trail of results. So, for immediate projects that require urgent handling, you can quickly hire a company and get started rather than having it done in-house where you need to spend a lot of time on-boarding new employees.

• No need to invest time and effort on anything other than the result

When you outsource SEO activities to a third-party agency, you can limit your investment, and spend the savings elsewhere on company growth. There's no need to train employees, invest in evolving tools and technologies and costly undertaking. You only hire an agency and pay them for the work done.

• Gain from extensive, multi-domain, multi-platform expertise

When you employee in-house SEOs, it is not always a certainty that they would be very well adaptable to the changing and evolving business demands. They may not even have adequate experience working more than their desired area. An outsourced SEO agency, however, has a team of multiple people with cross-domain expertise so they can better tackle any challenges.

• Focus elsewhere while the SEO agency in India takes care of your project

When you outsource, you get the time, effort and money saved to focus on your core business. This results in increased business productivity.

• Faster resolution to ad-hoc requirements. Get more than SEO

Other than these, an agency can have ready to deploy a team of aligned resources to SEO. For example, if you need a web designer urgently to complement an SEO effort, you do not need to look elsewhere. If the agency has its own designer, it can quickly allocate the resource on the ad-hoc task. This facilitates quicker project execution.

• When cost control is a concern, outsourcing is the way to go

If you are lucky to have a Reliable SEO Agency that fits on all the expected parameters and still offers the services at a great price; you can touch new growth milestones faster. Outsource SEO is always a priority for its cost-control benefits. The money you invest in training, resources, tools, on-boarding and other aligned activities is nonexistent in outsourcing. You simply pay for what you get. What else is better?

Challenges of Outsourcing SEO

Accessibility - Your SEO agency might not be fast and fluent to address an evolving challenge. If it is out of your sight, you are likely to wait for getting an answer. This is a common concern many companies raise and it is because they suffer from the delayed response. If your SEO Agency Is Non-Professional, it is likely you will get a bad experience

• Cheap is not always better

Do not solely focus on cheap service. Many service providers online sell themselves as affordable, and with low quality work, they spoil the reputation of the entire outsourcing industry.

• The dark side of dependency. What if the SEO agency employs black-hat SEO

Hiring an SEO agency means you are not always in control of what they are doing. What if they employ black hat strategies to get quick ranking? The impact of such activities reflects quickly and results in negative branding.

Most Important + (Plus) Points

• In-House vs. Outsource SEO

            INHOUSE SEO                 OUTSOURCE SEO
Accessibility Cost
Control Experience

So,Who Should You Go For?

We will leave it to you because there is no clear winner. If you are a relatively big enterprise that requires more control and want get things done swiftly in a favorable setup, in-house SEO is the way to go. But if you are a small or mid-sized enterprise that has a quick requirement within a defined budget, Outsourcing SEO Activities is the choice.


One model's weakness is another model's strength. Both in-house and outsourcing model work, but they thrive on their own territory!

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