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Aug 29 , 2019

Technologies such as AI, IoT, perspective analysis, automation, AR/VR, machine learning are constantly shaping the foundation for the future. The focus is to make life smarter with clarity and consistency. All of these developments and a lot of others have sizable footprint on how digital marketing is going to look like in the future. Read on!

A school of thought argues that SEO will be dead, and it will be non-existent soon. However, this is not the fact. SEO will always exist, of course in a more redefined form - aligned with the changing priorities of digital natives. It is evolving everyday and getting better to accommodate the demands of searchers. If you look at the ways Google search has become more relevant and focused, you can understand what we mean to say.

SEO is not dying. It is changing because it needs to

Google's algorithms keep changing and the reason is very simple. The search giant holds an incredible search market share, and to stay at the top, it is committed to offer searchers the most relevant, and best ever search results for any given keywords. More than 90% search market share means people trust Google for being accurate, and relevant.

Google search algorithm - Getting better every day!

Offering a searcher with information is not the focus here. If it were, then anyone could rank higher with keyword stuffing. The prime objective is to connect a searcher with most practical and desired information that solves a problem. As a business, you should as well understand that sticking to the traditional SEO best practices might not be always beneficial and evolving with time is the way to go.

Trends to watch out for: SEO trends in 2020

SEO IN 2020 - as it seems now - shall continue the tradition of developments already established in 2019 - but with more focused intent. Here are a few expected developments -

Beyond Click and Tap: Voice search replacing keyed-in searches

Voice search is taking over and by 2020; it is estimated to cover around 20 percent of all searches. Traditionally, search engine optimizers would target keywords that were mostly the result of keyed-in entries - usually small. But when a user conducts voice search, he prefers to enter more information - a string of thoughts.

What does this mean?

SEOs should target long-tail keywords more frequently than ever

Target featured snippets

Focus on more local searches since voice searchers are actively looking for local information

More than desired information: Searcher's intent to take centrestage

If you look at the Google search results today, you will find an increased focus on relevancy and intent. This is going to be stronger in the days to come, and it means a lot.

What does this mean then?

Content should be clear, consistent and contextual

SEOs should make sure their website is offering values across all the stages of audience touchpoints. This includes not just providing the desired information - but things searchers have not even expected. A searcher looking for generic information on "How to write a good SEO content" should find an extensive article around this topic relevant, but what about offering videos with tutorials, link to an upcoming webinar that promises better SEO writing skills, and what about incorporating a feature on the page that guides the searcher to test SEO writing live?

Smooth User experience: Clear, focused information that is effortless to find, and simple to understand

UI - short for - user experience - is our next suggested trend in the list, and it is very much aligned with the previous entry we mentioned - searcher's intent. Google is giving prominence to user-focused search results, and websites that understand this are enjoying better ranking.

What does this mean?

Optimize speed load to save on a searcher's time

Use high quality content that quickly solves a problem, including CTAs

Use uncomplicated design

Headlines, bullet points, long-form content

Content is the New Currency and Kingdom

We cannot stress on this enough. You know content has been the king, and every single development SEO in 2020 will experience will have a content connection associated with it. Content writers have a very important role to play in this.

What does this mean?

Writing relevant content that solves problems

Covering different forms of content

Using keywords strategically across the content without overstuffing

Covering long-form content

Reputation of the content creator to gain more importance

Mobile-first is going to be the new normal

Mobile is the new normal, and mobile first indexing is thus the new SEO priority. How better your website loads and is optimized for mobile version is critically important to gain increased ranking status.

What does this mean?

Website loading speed on hand-held devices

Content formation in the devices

Creation of Mobile-driven content

Page speed has always been and will always carry value

When we talk about SEO IN 2020, we should remember that this is the age of fast information searches. People will not wait. Despite having the best of information, if your website is slow, they will move elsewhere.

What does this mean?

Optimize all versions of your website for all devices

Improve server response time

Use a content distribution network

Brand Reputation Is One Thing No One Can Expect To Lose

Trust is going to be a decisive factor - like it has always been - in SEO 2020. A lot of factors collectively decide the authenticity and reputation of a website.

What does this mean?

Your website should be populated with useful content

The website's partnership should be with other reputable websites

An increased flow of reviews that are positive help brand building

Number of complaints published about the brand online also matters

Localizing search is the normal

Local search results are gradually making inroads to mainstream, and over the years, it is going to be the number one thing of prominence in the optimization industry. Of course local SEO is already dominating, but it is going to be more crucially important soon.

What does this mean?

Localize content

Claim your Google listing

Invest in a full-fledged local SEO campaign

New Age Technologies To Redefine New SEO Practices

When new age technologies join SEO, expect what happens? Awesome results and Smart Outcomes!

Artificial intelligence can help marketers gather smart insights to site performance. With pinpointed data, better competitor analysis can be done. AI can be holistically used across content marketing tactics. With AR, local SEO will be more important, accuracy of information will help improve user experience.

Time is unpredictable, and future is a mystery. No one has ever lived in the future so we can only predict how would it look like based on what we are living today. Be it SEO trends in 2020 or thereafter!


SEO is going to be more stable, and matured in 2020. Businesses will incorporate new ways to rank higher using latest tools and technologies, and thus the demand of the service will exist always. That also means SEO industry will need more human resources and remain to be lucrative career opportunity.

Hope you enjoyed reading the article. What other trends do you think will dominate the SEO in 2020? Please let us know. For suggestions to make this article better, we welcome your comments.


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