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Aug 22 , 2019

ASO is short App Store Optimization - often also known as App Store Marketing, App Store SEO etc. to name some.

Why ASO should be on the top of your marketing strategy?

If you have a mobile presence with an active app ready for download, it is crucial you invest in ASO. Search within the app store is growing.

Thanks to the availability of millions of apps on app stores and billions of downloads happening in a year. The trend will continue to grow. Therefore, it makes sense you think about optimizing your store presence.

What are the Core benefits of ASO?

• Organic installs

ASO done well will increase your organic installs at a very low acquisition cost. Better ranking on the app store drives targeted customers, and increases organic installs

• Relevancy

App store optimization can help you reach out to target audience - people who are looking for your product. It reduces the chance of your product being discovered by wrong audience who have nothing to do with it. With relevant traffic comes targeted downloads and increased user engagement

• Revenue

With in-app purchases, ads, subscriptions etc you can monetize your product. If your product is good and engaging, it is likely to draw more attention and revenue will continue to soar.

What are the goals of App store optimization?

• Increasing download count

• Gaining positive app reviews and ratings

• Increasing audience interaction and engagement

• Reducing customer acquisition cost

• Controlling churn rate

• Increasing the volume of monthly users

• Boosting visibility in the app store

• Improving conversion rate

• Leveraging on other marketing channels

Now that you have the basics of app store optimization, let us have the execution part. How to gather values from app store optimization and how to do it

Execution Part - Keywords

• Keywords

Keyword research is a crucial part in app store optimization. In order to gain an impressive store presence and get found by the targeted audience, you should conduct a clear, consistent and contextual keyword research. For that, you can use tools such as Google keyword planner. There are other tools available on the market other than that. However, Google Keyword Planner is the best place to start. Majority of mobile users still use search engines to seek out information about their required apps, so it makes sense to use these tools - which are actually SEO-specific. Should you want to use store specific keyword research tool, you can do so by typing app store optimization keyword tool on Google search.

• App Name

This is where you place the keywords. After gathering the keywords, your task is to evenly distribute the keywords for maximum exposure. You can change the keywords and title anytime, but doing it often might hamper your visibility on mobile app store. So it is better to narrow down on a consistent app name that integrate two important things -

• Purpose of your business

• Keywords

The name is good if it is short, and easy to remember. Don't shy away from testing some keyword and titles initially. You can stick to the selection on which you see maximum traffic increase and installs.

• Description

This is an extremely important part. Other than integrating keywords across the description, you should focus on certain things very cautiously. Use simple language to convey who you are, write a useful preview of your business. Enter the social proofs, social mentions, benefits of your app, and features for new visitors. Avoid blank space. Add call to action. Make the entire description conversational if possible, focusing why anyone would choose your product.

While creating description, use active voice and be as concise as possible. Do not oversell anything beyond the point it is required.


• Icon

Icons - to take it simply - is the first trigger for install. After a search, the first and the most obvious thing a prospective customer sees is the icon. A clean, clear and intuitive icon has the properties to instantly grab a user's attention and take the buying journey further.

How to make a good app icon for better audience engagement?

Keep the icon smart and simple - without using much elements.

It is better to focus on graphical representation of your business in the icon, rather than putting words. However, if you have an established official logo, it is good you go with it, since people already identify you with it.

Go for an uncomplicated, easy to understand and visually appealing icon.

• Screenshots

Most customers don't go past the first two screenshots. So try to add your best screenshots in the first two slots. The best mobile apps are those that sell a message on each screenshot. Focusing on the entire product features in a single screenshot is like stressing a user to think more. Use clean background and short caption.

• Preview video

Video can increase your app install to a remarkable high. An app marketing video should be short and include the best features of your product. A professional video should usually be simple and prompt a visitor to install your product.

• Reviews

Reviews are critical component and perhaps the most important part of your app visibility. While positive comment helps support your effort, negative comments are equally important. In fact it is the best part; since it helps you focus on your errors and tell exactly where you need to improve.

Many app makers do not take negative comment healthily, and they refrain from tackling the issue - thus promoting pile of negativity spreading across the app presence. The best way to counter this evolving challenge is to listen to the feedback and reply instantly with a commitment that you will solve a problem.

What if your competitors are deliberately pushing in negative comment to put you down? In such a case, you should react quickly, don't take anything personal, use professional language to prove your point, and engage cautiously without starting a brawl. You can always defend yourself with facts and figures.

Other Top App Store Optimization Tips

Always keep updating your apps, and add update notes in the description. Whatever feature, technologies, improvement you are adding or changing, always make sure to keep users notified.

• Use your category wisely.

• Localize your application's listings for more targeted traffic

• Use competitor analysis to gather ideas about what worked for them, and how they are developing a brand presence on the store.

• Use consistently clear language to connect with customers

• Improvise.


App store optimization in 2020 is going to be more important. With increased Internet access, and people's growing tendency to search for their preferred products online, it makes sense to have an active app store presence. But simply having a presence does not add any value. You need to constantly search for new ways to make your app popular.

The above ASO Tips for 2020 should help you build a solid foundation.

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