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Apr 19 , 2019

Software development is a procedure that is used to develop and creating software programs. It is accomplished of a process that includes all the stages of a Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). The process of software development uses certain programming language for the coding of the software. It helps in writing a sequence of interrelated codes that help in the running of the software. Software development is also known as software design and application development.

Software development is a repetitious logical process who aims to develop a programmed or computer coded software to achieve the goals, processes or personal objective of a particular business. There are certain steps and stages that need to be followed by the programmer to develop the required software. The steps of the Software development life cycle includes the primary research, data flow design, process flow design, flow charts, technical documentation, testing of software, debugging and other techniques of software architecture. It is very important to maintain the code written for the software to keep it running and functional. The programmer can also make some required changes to the initial coding according to the change in business requirements. This helps in keeping the business software updated and there is no need to develop new software along with the requirements change.

What is the need for software?

Every firm, organization or business needs unique software to perform different tasks and activities. The development of highly defined software helps in easing the work load and reducing the manpower. With the help of software, various departments of the organizations increase their working efficiency that helps in the departmental and organizational growth. The main aim of the software development life cycle is to create software that fulfils the client's requirements and to complete it within the specified time period.

What is Software Development Life Cycle?

Following are the stages of the Software Development Life Cycle:

• Planning: Planning is done by the higher management and the most experienced people of the organization. They are there to decide the blue print of the software that they want for their organization.

• Analysis: In this step, the users discuss the requirements of the system and decide upon who are going to be the end users.

• Design: The software is designed based on user requirements and data analysis.

• Implementation: The whole work is divided into different modules and the relevant code is implemented to the design.

• Testing: The developed software is tested for quality.

This article elaborates what is software development and how it is done; the next articles specify the importance of software outsourcing importance of software outsourcing.

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