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Oct 01 , 2019

Artificial Intelligence is the latest technology that as introduced in the market. The technology has outgrown all other existing technologies that make many small and large scale organizations to introduce Artificial Intelligence to their business process. Artificial Intelligence is used to make search more human and to make the use of human interactions up to minimal. Artificial Intelligence in SEO is introduced with the help of one of its fields that is known as 'Machine Learning', MI helps in inferring intent from complex and ambiguous search queries and it uses feedback data to improve the accuracy of its results. The SEO process can be automated with the help of Artificial Intelligence with the help of various SEO tools.

What Is The Role Of AI In Search Engine Optimization?

The rank brain technology of Google Uses Machine Learning to understand the content meaning that it crawls. In other words, it works after listening to the instructions given to the search engine. Though there is no visibility into these processes but we can see the related outcomes absolutely clearly. According to research, it is found that more than eight percent of Google searches use Artificial Intelligence to match the layout of the search results as per the user's intent.

How Can AI Be Used For SEO Insights?

AI in SEO can be used by understanding the underlying needs of the journey of the customer, by identifying the opportunities of the content, by defining the space of opportunity in the competitive context, mapping of intent to the content, using markup and structured data, investing in a long-tail content, by ensuring that all the content can be crawled and easily surfaced by all user agents.

How To Perform Automation?

SEO is an industry that is labor-intensive and requires a large amount of attention in the long term. We are going to prioritize the automation of tasks to receive the required outputs that we used to accomplish on our own. The time saved in automating the tasks can be utilized in other areas where there is a need for introducing creative Content and making SEO Strategy

How To Win The Play Of Artificial Intelligence In SEO?

It is already discussed that the use of Artificial Intelligence in SEO results in more relevant searches. Search engine optimization needs to survive even in the trickiest environment. These strategies help in winning SEO with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

• Intelligently Optimize Your Keywords: Include the power of three G's when it comes to keyword research that is grouping keywords, gathering keywords and generating exemplars. You can start gathering the data with the help of keyword tools. For example Mon, it automatically shows a group of keywords based on the main keyword.

• Use Cluster And Predictive Analysis: To create topic clusters, SEO needs to use cluster analysis which means auditing your current pages and grouping them in topics. The predictive analysis gives the power to look into the future and identify search trends to improve sales.

AI in SEO leverages the power of customer reviews.

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