By OMSOFTWARE - Web & Mobile App Development Company | Pune

Jan 31 , 2018

The world of SEO is constantly changing and the latest trend of the time is mobile-first indexing. Let us explore the different aspects of this topic and how it going to impact SEO in the year

Mobile first indexing is exactly what it sounds. Google is clearly serious about mobile search and now with mobile-first indexing, it seems mobile is going to be the king. With this, Google will create and rank search listings depending on the mobile version of the content on your website. This includes listings that are shown to the desktop users. As more and more searches are taking place on hand-held devices, Google wants its searches and results to cater to its most frequent users - mobile users. Simply put, with mobile-first, Google wants to make mobile the peak of its focus and want to stay trendy.

Here are a few things that you might have in mind regarding Google's Mobil-first indexing

If you do not presently have a mobile version of your website, you do not need to worry. Google will still crawl your desktop site. It is only that it will send its mobile agent to crawl your website. So, although it does not make a difference to not go for a mobile website of your own, it however does not hurt to design a mobile website for more targeted results.

What if your mobile website has less content than your desktop website? Usually, Google will Focus On Your Mobile Site. So, if your mobile version has les content than your desktop version. Google will crawl your mobile site and having less content means you do not get the benefits of extended content available on your desktop site.

The impact of mobile-first indexing in 2018

Many standalone differences will redefine the entire concept of SEO in 2018.

Mobile first indexing is likely to shift focus of developing more responsive content towards hand-held devices.

There will be a change in the Entire Strategy Of SEO. When it comes to developing mobile website, a lot of factors such as local SEO, geo fencing, use of local SEO, use of AI will impact the industry and stresses on their importance.

Businesses will generate more leads online using hand-held devices. That's why custom reviews, local, mobile specific link building will gain an edge.

In simple words, mobile first indexing will take mobile at limelight.