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Launching and/or nurturing a career at OM Software means sky is the limit to your growth prospect in terms of professional career. Put simply, Om Software gives you the first-rate opportunity to discover your hidden talent and helps grow your professional career boundlessly. You experience the joy and pride of working with a leading and mastermind IT company, which deploys state-of-the-art technologies and tools. Most decidedly, the ultimate prospect of growth, ever-increasing innovation, fair play and a noble work culture is what makes OM Software an available place for everyone prospecting a professional career.

We consider our human resources at the top of priority, which means our responsibility does not come to an end with respect to defraying monthly compensations but we tend to offer all possible help to help you realize the experience of working in an ideal IT Company. To speak volumes, we offer interest-free loans principally with the view to covering housing deposits or buying a vehicle/auto and contingency loans for marriage, health problems, or demise of an immediate kith and kin. Moreover, the OMS' Employee Stock Option Plan (WESOP) is particularly crafted for the company to help you reap wide-ranging benefits you.



At OM Software, we offer a crystal-clear job positions considering qualifications and experience of the applicants. All existing positions are panoptic to the human resources, thus giving them the flexibility to apply for a preferred choice and enhance your career.

OM Software is excited to offer you wide-ranging career opportunities in a variety of domains such as Enterprise . And, in Technology Services, there are stimulating jobs in E-business optimization, e-Business Solutions, Technology Infrastructure Services, E-commerce services and Testing Services.

We strongly give credence to the belief that investment helps one reap the most favorable earnings. We help you nurture your repertoire since we are partnered with some of the mastermind IT experts that will cater to the need expertly. We offer innovative and hard-hitting campaigns related to Leadership and Learning. Also, we are a success in creating a virtual campus, with a 'Training on Demand' artifact, to enable individuals to be in downright charge of their personal learning.

Our multi-rater appraisal methodology is very instrumental in giving feedback at all levels and it contributes in your inclusive development. This broad-minded gimmick ensures your position is resolved by a fair-and-square merit system and not by extrinsic elements



It is our Life-Work attribute that sets us distinctively from our competitors and helps us create milestones back to back. Innovation, passion and honesty are the three pillar our company stands on and that enable us to earn power and cachet in the industry without an end. The commitment to using groundbreaking technologies, and a sense of ownership of work, set in an ambiance of clarity, makes OM Software an available and a sought-after workplace.

Our strength, animals spirit, social obligation and allegiance to human attributes have contributed monumentally in making our company a real smasher today.

Under the fast changing phase of the business, a fundamental aspect of operating a business online is not only to create state-of-the-art technologies but it is also more importantly to discover and nurture the ability and skills of the app developer to effectively pioneer and craft innovative apps at the crossroad of applied science.

Ever since OM Software was commenced in 2008, innovation has always been a key element. Whether it is variegation of industries, keeping pace with the innovative technology, or leading the process milestones globally, the leading IT Company has striven its nerves to build and develop an organization that offers first-rate quality services and solutions.


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As a technology leader, we are thriving towards building up an image of our company by delivering outstanding quality services and assistance to our clients and partners. We feel proud when our work defines our success and excellence which have been published in admired places for Tech News on internet.

OMSOFTWARE is nothing without its People. OMS's People philosophy Follows two key ideas:
Hire the best , Retain the best .


Technology Solutions Consulting

The aim of our Technology Solutions Consulting is to transform your existing business to a driven technology.

The aim of our Technology Solutions Consulting is to transform your existing business to a driven technology.

The aim of our Technology Solutions Consulting is to transform your existing business to a driven technology.

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