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Aug 29 , 2018

Microsoft - if reports are to be believed - will wind down its smartphone production over the next couple of weeks. Despite releasing a variety of versions and trying to gain a sizable market share, nothing went closely in favour of the software giant.


While the phones - if they entirely stop getting updates - will soon become obsolete, it is natural to assume that they would remain functional for as long as the device remains technically fit. Here are a few trends that are shaping the application development industry and thus these trends also touch the Windows mobiles as well. Developers who worked on Windows apps know these trends shaped the phone's interactivity.

Wearable apps and Internet of Things

It is assumed that IoT will rise from $157 bn to $661.74 bn by 2021. Mobile applications that use Internet of Things will be in huge demands. The use of IoT can simplify communication and channelize collaboration and make lives better.

Augmented reality and VR - Short for Virtual reality

VR is reinventing the world and it is being used in games and the popularity indicates its usability and usefulness.

AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages

Short for accelerated mobile pages, the technology seeks to develop high performance websites that run smoothly on mobile devices.

Artificial intelligence

AI (Artificial intelligence) is changing the way we work. The use of AI in application development is redefining the concept of interactivity.

Other than these, a rise in the use of chat bots, android instant application, and integration of cloud based technology, use of cloud based applications, Blockchain, and on-demands applications are some of the driving forces that are channelizing the mobile development landscape.

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