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Aug 26 , 2019

The background - The past and Present of Digital

We are living at a time of speedy digital developments - most of which is driven by hand-held devices such as Internet enabled smart phones. Few years ago - as close as 20 years back - did we know the future was going to be so different?

When we were children, we had limited or no exposure to mainstream digital experiences. However, our children are growing with digital devices everywhere around them. Personal assistant, wearable, smart TV, Smartphone and the list is endless. They form a strong bonding with these devices from a very early age, and as they grow, their engagement and expectation from digital will continue to grow.

They are digital natives - a term used to refer people who are born or brought up during the age of digital technology. Their thought process, inclination, expectations and priorities are vastly digitally influenced. Moreover, that means the future of digital should be very eventful - populated with lot of breakthroughs. Looking at the present of mobile app development for example, we can see the future of digital experiences is going to be fun.

Mobile app development - Emerging Trends

A lot of technological developments are happening across mobile app development process. Design thinking-led approaches are redefining customer expectation and deliverables. The need for advanced applications that do a lot more than desired, are paving way for in-app technological changes, resulting in high-end user experiences. Here are a few technologies and developments that we are seeing to take centre stage and probably develop the foundation of app experience for the future

• AR & VR - Taking gaming experience by a storm, AR - short for Augmented Reality and VR - short for Virtual Reality are offering increased realistic interactions with message for a user. Marketers are finding huge opportunities in these technologies and they are leveraging on it to improve and enhance buying experience for their users. One of the use cases for AR in business app can be its ability to recognize objects. Companies in the smart home gadgets can effectively use the technology to gather detailed information for better user interaction. Even healthcare, education and IT sector has ways to explore it to improve their services.

• IoT- The power of interconnected devices is shaping the future of business. IoT has the capacity to introduce disruption - and businesses can use it to improve security essentials, streamline processes for better service and reduce expenses. With custom IoT apps - web apps, sensors and devices - businesses can understand where they are lacking behind the competition and leverage on ways to better serve the industry they belong to.

• Chat bots - Integrating chat bots in native apps is in trend and it is expected the trend will continue to grow. AI- driven chat bots with custom ability to predict user needs and present full-fledged solution quickly reduces a business's dependability on costly human resource undertakings. Chat bots are considered because they enhance mobile user experience, their constant integration with latest high-end technologies are making them matured to better interact with users.

• ML & AI- AI - artificial intelligence and ML - machine learning are used to redefine user experience and achieve better service offerings. From handwriting recognition to speech recognition and face recognition to photo and video diagnosis and processing - AI has been in use and is behind the success of many apps.

Other than these, Wearable’s, Block chain etc. are also changing the way how mobile app development is done.

Mobile app development of the future - Foreseeing the future

Driven by all these developments and technologies, how do we envision a future? Here is a look. Considering technologies change and unpredictability exist, we can just presume - and can expect more not mentioned here -

• User experience - User experience has always been the core priority in mobile app development services. And seeing the present-day developments; it is obvious the core point of priority for businesses in mobile app development would be to simplify and channelize user experience.

• Security - Security is going to be the obvious thing. With more and more new app. are coming into the marketplace, and people are adopting digital payment systems to make purchase or opt for a service, it has become extremely important to offer seamless security solutions. Streaming content

• Speed and efficiency- The need for speed - that is effective and quick user experience - across app touch points has become the new norm. People are searching for new experiences while without compromising on speed and efficiency. The apps of the future should be focusing a great deal of time providing seemingly fast and seamless interactivity

• Localization - We heard about local SEO and how important is that. The apps with localization provide relevant user experience and connected interactivity to audiences. Businesses with a good number of audience base should invest in making localized version of their apps to connect with more audiences.

These are just some of the core developments of the mobile app development industry. The trends will change, perhaps set of new events and introduction of new technologies will redefine everything. But one thing is probably here to stay - Providing seamless, user-driven and user-focused apps.

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