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Sep 04 , 2019

While standing on end of decade, we have seen and experience exponential digital marketing growth of mobile applications. New technologies have taken over the whole way of operating mobile phones. Mobile phones have now become an integral part of our lives. Be it for personal use or on professional front; the essential need of smart phones can be seen everywhere. Everyday something new is being launched to make this device more purposeful and powerful.

Here we are listing down few mobile trends that are going to rule in the year 2020. Take a look:

• Most of the apps will come with cloud integration : In fast pace world, using traditional platforms for running mobile apps sounds so clunky. This is why, the new mobile apps now come with cloud integration which offer increased efficiency at lower costs with better security and enough scalability. With cloud integration the apps will now be more powerful, sleeker and faster.

• M-commerce will swipe the e-commerce market : Just like how e-commerce took over the traditional market, now it is the m-commerce that will swipe away the whole idea of e-commerce. All thanks to apps like Google Wallet and Apple pay which has made shopping possible even through the small mobile phones. One of the most popular examples of it is mobile banking. It has already taken away the traditional way of banking.

• IoT will gain more popularity and acceptance among masses : Have you heard of Internet of Things yet? If not yet, then soon you will actually own these things. All the smart things which you see in market nowadays are actually Internet of Things. Because they work while remaining connected to internet and your smart phone thus, they are in general referred to as Internet of Things. This technology soon seems to be a part of mobile app development too. Would it not be fantastic to see the results!

• AR and VR will become most sought out technologiesAlthough Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have already set up the strong foundation but in next coming year both these technologies will become an integral part of any mobile app development. From educational apps to retails apps; every genre now seems to make use of it.

• Block-chain and Beacons technology is the next thing to look out for : Both these technologies are still in their introductory phase but over the period of time with new innovations and developments; both of them will have a very important role to play in mobile app development. All thanks to the kind of consistency and flexibility which both these technologies offer to the developer as well as end-user.

After facing duration of vulnerability, mobile application trends now seem to be in versatile mode. The mobile application developers are leaving no stone unturned to come with products that can match the latest and pioneering mobile technologies. For sure, the next coming year i.e. 2020 seems to be very promising year for the mobile applications development.

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