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Aug 28 , 2018

Mobile apps are flooded in the market. In today's world everyone is using apps for almost everything such as shopping, reading, playing games, watching news etc. Mobile app technology is the biggest ruling technology in the market of current times. Due to its vastness, it is also very important to focus on its security. Trends in app development are continuously changing due to continuous change in technology and emergence of app advancement features.

The emergence of new apps is quite possible as many large and small businesses adopt mobile app technology to reach a large number of audiences. Even the most popular brands are using mobile apps for increasing their sales and to expand their brand awareness.

Following are the latest trends in app development that are largely followed.

  • Wearable and IoT would continue to grow: Both IoT (Internet of things) and wearable would keep on growing in the coming years. Mainly health and domain manufacturers would continue with this wearable app technology. Use of IoT (Internet of things) will definitely increase by the end of 2020.
  • Accelerated mobile page to improve mobile searches: As mobile apps take a lot of loading time, the use of accelerated mobile page helps in fast page access by reducing the loading time to minimal. This implementation helps in boosting conversion, bounce rates and CTR. This helps in the retention of visitors by providing them awesome user experience.
  • Android instant app will make its way: The Android instant app is an amazing discovery that gives the user facility to view the app content without its installation.
  • Mobile app security: Due to the fast-growing use of mobile apps it is more prone to hacking. To secure the whole app system reputable payment gateways, secure back-end etc are made available for the safety of apps.
  • Cloud-based app development: Many app development companies are using cloud-based technology for better productivity. Using this technology the app fetches data from the cloud by putting less pressure on its internal memory which is beneficial for business owners.
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