By Editor

Dec 31 , 2020

Responsive web designs are meant to enhance the overall experience. With improving technology, the website designs undergo a constant change which has been helpful in the long run. Responsive web designs have been constant ever since. 

With the changing world, everything is becoming available on mobile. Hence people are more dedicated to using websites that are user-friendly and offer a seamless experience on the mobile itself.

However, any website that isn't functioning properly on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices may be rejected by Google. The chances for a mobile-friendly website to rank on the Google search engines is pretty high. 

What is responsive web design? 

The responsive web design refers to website development and design process that meets all customer requirements depending on the platform, orientation, screen size. The website should be flexible and have incorporated grids and layouts to ensure images and contents can be oriented as per the screen size. The orientation should also be made depending on the screen size to fit the user requirements. 

A responsive web design should be compatible for your device to meet the requirements for fitting 

  • In traditional PC or user or laptops

  • The iPad and tablet users

  • The mobile users

It is necessary to adjust the web design to make it responsive and reach to the audience. The content needs to be formulated depending on the device that the user is on. 

"Should responsive design be a part of your website?" 


 There are numerous websites that initially failed but gathered immense success after making responsive design a part of the website. It plays an important role in saving time and money. And well, if that doesn't convince you to make responsive design a part of your website, you should quit the website. 

Responsive designs have formed an important part in modern web strategies. Hence, it should be a part of your website strategy as well. 

The responsive web design doesn't cost much and would eventually save you against high future costs which is why you should consider it. 

"Is responsive web design still valuable?" 

The concept of responsive web design was introduced years back, but it is relevant even in today's market. Responsive web design and content can work in different formats and is not limited to the device. To improve the rankings, the content should be extremely responsive with a potential design. A user from the Android device would expect the same experience from your website that the iPhone user gets. 

Your audience may not be able to detect small flaws in your website but they will surely note down the poor design and user experience. A non-responsive and poorly-designed website will eventually affect the overall design thereby preventing the users from accessing the features. 

Most people in today's generation access the internet and websites from their phones. If you make your content functional for laptops and not for mobile or tablet devices, you are going to suffer a massive loss. 

Just like social media, responsive web design is extremely crucial for businesses too. Some of the reasons include the following

  • Increase in reach with better involvement of customers via different devices

  • Updated with competition

  • Compliant with mobile guidelines of Google

  • Better consistent experience through sales, conversions and lead generation

In today's time, your website is the first thing people will notice about your business. No matter what is your business genre, it is extremely necessary that you take care of the functionality and responsiveness on different platforms. Comparatively, it is necessary for e-commerce websites to have a strong presence to reach out to customers on a large scale. 

Why is responsive web design important even in today's time?

The trends have been changing but one thing to have stayed constant all these years is a responsive web design. Hence, it can be well-fathomed how important a responsive web design is. 

The world has switched from "only laptops and computers" to the multi-screen environment where there's mobile and so much more. Hence, it has become extremely important in today's time to make your website viewable in as many devices as possible. 

Google's algorithms keep changing with mobile-friendliness being one of the main ranking factors. Hence, a website that isn't mobile-friendly will eventually lose rankings. This is where responsive web design comes in to boost overall rank and promote a good experience for the uses. 

A responsive web design will have an overall positive impact on your business. Some of the prominent reasons why you should get your hands on responsive web design include the following

  1. Cost-effective

One of the main reasons why companies are adopting responsive web design for their businesses is because it is a very cost-effective procedure. Often maintenance of two different websites for phone and laptop will eventually have a negative impact and would make it expensive as well. 

A responsive web design helps to save money against the extra charges of mobile sites. With the presence of a responsive web design, your business will need to invest only on one website formation with the design appealing to visitors as well as being compatible on different devices. 

  1. Flexible

Flexibility has always been an issue with most of the websites with the changes costing extra. Moreover, making these changes for the responsive web design is extremely tough as well. On the other hand, making changes for two different websites would get extremely inconvenient and difficult as well. 

Comparatively, a responsive web design is one of the most convenient options because you wouldn’t need to make changes in two different sites but only one. Moreover, the flexibility provided by responsive websites is convenient for fixing small errors and typos. Every mistake needs to be fixed only once and not twice. 

  1. Easy Management

Before the coming of responsive web design there were two options:

  • Make a website for desktop browsers.

  • Make a separate website for mobile browsers.

Most businesses, especially small ones do not have enough time to manage or rectify mistakes on two websites. The responsive web design is extremely convenient allowing you to make changes smoothly and fast. Moreover, two websites make maintenance costs expensive and it becomes tough to update these continuously. 

With a responsive web design, you will need to maintain only one website and all the versions would get updated from a single location only. 

  1. Preferred by SEO

SEO is the key factor to ranking high on websites. It has become extremely efficient to find a potential medium for ranking high. Google and all search engines have made mobile-friendliness a key factor to ranking high in the search engine result pages. 

Research studies have shown that responsive websites are extremely convenient and tend to perform better than other websites. Moreover, it tends to load faster than other platforms. Hence, with a responsive website, these search engine crawlers would need to check for a single link and html only. Hence, the search engine crawlers would easily get access to the index and organizing content. 

  1. Reduced bounce rate

Even in today’s time, bounce rate is a huge problem for many websites. Higher the bounce rate, lesser would be the chances of ranking. Different factors have contributed to high bounce rate of websites with non-responsive web design being a major problem. 

Responsive web design has a low bounce rate thereby allowing easy to manage the contents and viewing them. If the users are updated, it will become easier to manage the bounce rate thereby avoiding any inconvenience for the website. 

  1. Improved user experience

It is all about user experience when building up a website for your business. User experience means seamless navigation, faster loading of the webpages. The main aim of your website design should be to convince the visitors to be back. If any user visits your website from a desktop and then returns via mobile devices they should have the same experience. However, if the user doesn’t have the same experience it will only bring forth the unprofessionalism of your website. 

A responsive web design is compatible for mobile devices thereby ensuring better user experience for visitors even when they are visiting the website from a mobile browser. Since there is no requirement for scrolling and zooming, content will be loaded faster and the impression on the visitors will be far better. 

The future is mobile and with passing time, more and more people will be using websites through their phone browsers. In the age of mobiles, it has become extremely necessary to find a potential solution to help you in the long run. Better user-friendliness only points to the improved design and better assurance of the online presence. 

Thus, it is a responsive website design that can improve the popularity of the overall website and business. Make sure to implement it on your website as soon as you can for positive results.