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Sep 01 , 2021

How Does It Work?

A contact form is a short web-based form. It is published on a website. Any website user or visitor can fill out the form and submit it on the website. As soon as a prospective customer does that, the website owner gets an email notification. Now, every business owner can get inquiries from real customers, and avoid spammers. Find out more about the reasons why you need a contact form. 

Reasons Why You Need A Contact Form 

  • It Reduces Spam Mails: Many people feel that publishing one’s email address may be detrimental. If any spambot gets hold of your email address, it can send a chain of spam mails to you. Your site might crash as well. It can add to serious security risks for your website. Phishing emails can likely find you, to be an unlikely target. Now, contact forms have come as your savior. You can publish a contact form on your website, with very little effort. Thus, a contact form for your website would be a good idea. Don’t waste time filtering spam. 

  • Get Important Messages: You would probably think that a contact number is enough. Postal information can be a savior as well. However, what if a prospective customer calls you and you are not present? If you do not have a contact form, the prospect will go to some other business site. Thus, you lose a customer. Some of you might think that a social media link would help. However, your prospect may not be a social media user. The incumbent may not be comfortable too. A contact form will help your business at such times. 

  • Keep Track: As your business grows, you might want to generate more inquiries. Inquiries lead to sales in the long run. You can now incorporate contact forms into your business strategies. If you are using WordPress, all the inquiries show up on the dashboard. You can also star mark the deals. Moreover, you can also export the list of email contacts from the dashboards. 

  • Get More Leads: If you are running a business site for monetization, this is inevitable. The more footfalls you get, the more customers will come to you. Not everyone who asks about your product or service will eventually buy. However, you get about 200 inquiries in a month through contact forms. And, eventually, you can turn at least 50 into customers. That is not a bad figure. Moreover, your prospect may not have an email id. So, you might miss them. However, a prospect will definitely mention his phone number if he is serious. So, getting in touch is easy. Moreover, conversational contact forms are available now. You can ask a few questions to your prospect. 

  • Email Marketing: Email is the most popular way to market your business. You can now reach your customer base easily. Every time someone fills up the contact form, it is an opportunity you get.  You can integrate several email marketing services, to get the work done. Newsletters are an important part of such a process. Once you get the prospect’s email id, you can communicate and make it a part of your database. 

  • A Professional Outlook: Contact forms make the website look more professional. A clear website with a relevant contact form, makes it look professional. It also shows your visitor that you are well-organized. Moreover, a strategically-placed contact form adds loads of value to your website. It also shows that you are taking your business seriously. 

  • Get Particular Information: The prerogative for giving you information is not the customers. It’s your prerogative. Since, you run the business, and not the customer. Customers might forget to give you specific information. They will either leave out product codes, or other details. With the help of a contact form, you can extract the necessary information now. 

Contact Forms Are Your Lead Generation Forms

A sign-up form, a registration form, or a contact form, whatever you call it, it’s the same. These web forms are necessary for your business. Lead generation is a crucial part of your business. Your website exists in order to generate leads. These leads are your future customers. So, you have to ensure to get the maximum leads. A form on your website should be able to create a favorable response. You will come across several lead generation form samples. Let us take the example of the HubSpot Marketing Calendar. It has placeholders for first name, last name, email id, and your query. It also has a CTA or a call-to-action button. 

Slack is a great example of how a contact form should be. It is simple and straightforward. The forms ask for a name, and email address, amongst a few others. There are fun animations too. It is a reflection of their business format. Dropbox also has a lead generation form. When you click on the CTA button, the form appears. There are four main placeholders. They are quite fast and secure. Today, most businesses are in need of contact forms. 

The entire world has gone online. Now is the time to look for the best responses. Customers are ready to buy, only if you have the power to sell. So, when you are getting your new website or renovating an existing one, it may need some supervision. A contact form is the best for your website’s responsiveness. You can get lead generation software at an extra cost. However, you can generate the same results with a contact form today. It cannot really get better today. So, it is time for a rejig. A contact form seems necessary today.