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Apr 17 , 2019

The use of mobiles has largely increased in the last few years. Now, mobiles are a complete source of information about everything. There are different mobile apps available for the users to facilitate their transaction, purchase, gaming etc even more effective. Before launching the mobile app in the market it is very important to test the app to reduce the chances of its rejection. Designing the right strategy to test the mobile app, selection of right devices and mobile stimulators is very important for effective mobile testing.

Mobile app testing is a procedure to test mobile apps for usability, functionality and consistency on different mobile devices. Generally, a mobile user uses different types of apps in a normal schedule. For example, there are apps for playing live games (quite a popular app), making bank transactions, ordering food, shopping grocery or clothing, booking a taxi or flight etc. There is always a need for huge space on the mobile device. It is important for the user to choose the most wanted and good quality apps as they consume a large amount of space on the mobile phone. The quality of the app is the most effective factor that is mainly responsible for the app's success and it can be only completed with the help of mobile app testing.

What are the challenges of mobile app testing?

The mobile app testing is much complicated than testing of a desktop and faces certain challenges.

• Must be downloadable: The key challenge is the app should be downloaded from the play store for its usage.

• Diversity in mobile platforms: There are multiple mobile platforms available in the market such as Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry etc and each platform has its very own limitations. It can be very difficult for a tester to test the app on multiple platforms.

• Mobile network operators: There are a large number of mobile networks available in the market. Each operator uses different network operation that makes it even more challenging.

• Scripting: Each device requires different scripting such as menu structures, input methods and display properties that are not the same for all devices.

• Compatibility: It is very important to check the compatibility of the app on a device such as a resolution etc.

Mobile Application Testing Types

• Functional Testing: This type of testing makes sure that the app is working as per the needs.

• Laboratory Testing: This type of testing is executed by the carriers of network and is performed by simulating the whole wireless network.

• Performance Testing: It is done to check the behaviour of the app.

• Memory Leakage Testing: This is done to check if the application is able to manage the memory or not.

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