By OmSoftware

Oct 17 , 2018

There are many companies in the market that are offering simple and easy mobile app developments service for Android, Windows and IOS and many other operating systems. Mobile apps for Android and IOS are the most used in the market and capture a big global area. There are many businesses that are using Android mobile app platform to build apps that are custom based and continuously growing their business revenue with an astounding business growth.

ANDROID: This operating system has a tremendous user base and an easy mobile app development process. Android is an open source and a free platform that is built on Linux. Businesses are earning huge benefits by creating customized mobile apps by using Android app development. Following are some important advantages of using Android app development.

Some of the Advantages of Android app development

• Customizable user interface: Mobile apps that are based on Android are very easy to manage and quite customizable. A user interface can help in making your app or can break it. One of the important objectives of Google is to create a customizable user interface that helps developers in developing customized mobile apps for their business clients. Developers are capable of developing innovative apps with the introduction of new features because of the platform's flexibility and compatibility. The app can easily update its multimedia tools and data management functions.

• Open Source: Since the app development platform for Android is open source, there is no need to worry about the royalty and licensing costs. Developers can effectively interact with the community of Android developers to develop customized apps for the businesses. All the businesses are highly utilising its feature of developing customized apps.

• Low Investment and high ROI: The development costs of Android mobile apps are absolutely free as it provides its development kit at no cost. Developers pay a one-time registration fee for the distribution of app.

• Easy to adopt: The apps in the Android platform are scripted in the JAVA language. So any developer who is familiar with JAVA can build these apps without any problem.

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