By OMSOFTWARE - Web & Mobile App Development Company | Pune

Dec 27 , 2018

What is UX?

UX is the User experience that user can have after using the products and services of a company. It is all about getting user's experience, to know about their interaction whether neutral, positive or negative for using the services or products. User experience is to encompass the end user's interaction with the company. The developers design a UX model to identify the experience level of the users and the effectiveness of the products and services on the user.

UX designers need to ensure that the company delivers the most reliable products and services to the end users to increase the user experience and to make them loyal towards the business. The designer works closely with the team to understand the user's needs through different experimentation and research. The analysis of the research helps in continuous improvement in the experiences on the basis of both qualitative and quantitative user research.

UX professional’s helps in knowing the different areas of concern of the users that includes:

• How can the user discover the products and services of the company?

• When the users interact with the interface, what action sequence they undertake?

• The feelings that arise after task accomplishment.

• What impressions they take after complete interaction.

What is UI?

User Interface is anything in which a user interacts with any digital product or service. The things that are included in UI are keyboards, touch screens, sounds, keyboards and also lights. User interface has introduced to bring a revolution in the use of computers. Unlike 1970's user interface help users to interact with their computers visually such as with the use of icons, menus, buttons and checkboxes.

UI is User interface that help users to work on not only computers but also on mobiles and many screen less devices such as only voice, light and gesture. In the present world, the UI designers have 'n' number of opportunities to work on wearable technology, websites, mobile apps and many other smart home devices.

Difference between UX and UI

• User experience is all about improvement in quality in the process of development to bring difference to the user.

User experience is a non-digital practice but is used broadly by digital industries.

• User Interface is meant for improving the brand's strength and to boost the user  experience.

• User interface is a digital term and works with the developer's code.