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Oct 19 , 2021

Here you can get the best ways of dealing with several corporate activities in 2021.

The Top Trends Of 2021

  • Your Home Your Office: Globally, the most notable change today is turning your home into an office. The majority of the organizations have incorporated this change. However, the policy is still not feasible for several small-sized businesses. Hence, they have to suffer the most. But to continue the work, they are now adopting the new technique. Overall, the results are quite decent in this work-from-home condition. 


  • Employee Experience Takes A New Turn: Previously, the selection process of a new employee went through several stages. There were multiple interactions, team meetings, group lunches, and so on. But how about experiencing all these things online? In the pre-COVID situation, we never thought of this angle. 

For work-life balance, socializing is important. Henceforth, HR has to play a lead role in inventing a new theory for online job schedules. Moreover, for virtual interaction, redesigning the entire setup is essential. This will let you have a formal atmosphere even if you are at home. 

  • Learning How To Be Successful In Business: Organizations need to concentrate on upgrading the skills of present HR. Furthermore, they must have complete knowledge about how to cope with the changing circumstances. Do not focus on the recruitment of new competent personnel. 

  • HR Playing The Role Of A Driver: In the present chaotic situation, employees are going through turmoil. The worries for the families are quite evident. Moreover, the same scenario is present in leadership too. Therefore, the HR department must become the driver now. They need to explore another side of business by going through the digital transformation. HR is the new leader and is responsible to maintain this exceptional situation. 

Advent Of The New Normal

Amidst the current situation, there is a difficulty in assessing the performances. However, over time, things are coming under control. Today's HRs are smart enough to handle challenging conditions. The forces impacting the corporate sectors are;-

  • Culture of Connectivity

  • Digital transformation

  • Corporate Social Responsibility 

  • Social Networking

  • Globalization

  • Internet of Things

  • Change in Employment and Deployment rules

  • A shift in Workforce Demographics 

  • Skilled persons

The new normal conditions include the rapid usage of masks, sanitizations, and of course, vaccinations. The work-from-home is also like the new way of carrying out a task. It is not permanent. 

However, corporates are encouraging more people to adopt the new technologies for a great future. Such work-styles proved to be more productive for most of the organizations. 

Therefore, we can expect that this method may persist after the pandemic too. But of course, the organizations will re-open soon. Caging inside the house throughout the day cannot be the affair of 365 days. 

Trends That HR Cannot Ignore

To monitor the performance of the employees, HR should not ignore some important trends. 

  1. Support for the personal lives of the employees

  2. Probable increase in the gender wage gap after reopening of workplaces

  3. Reduced monitoring as per the new rules

  4. COVID-19 vaccination requirements for the employees

  5. Support for the mental health

From the discussion, a change circumstance is apparent. HR is the primary driving force of every organization. As we move forward, unexpected treatments will become more usual. So, let us play safe in the coming years without disturbing the usual growth.