By Raj Kamal

Sep 30 , 2020

Even for the free property management software, you need to pay. This free property management software is not handy, and you will need to brainstorm a lot across the internet to find the perfect one. Moreover, most of this property management software is not completely free, there are just free versions that limit the access of users. These free versions offer very basic features that allow you to access only limited things.

What is property management?

Property management refers to the process of bringing together the isolated properties in a cluster to boost their profits and sales. This system makes it easier to ensure better maintenance when a tenant moves out or moves in. Furthermore, property management has also been helpful for various aspects such as enlisting them as vacation housing, collecting rents, keeping up with the satisfaction level of customers and checking the record of the tenants (if at all they were involved in criminal activity).

Property management software further helps to manage all the properties manually. This software is extensively used by big real estate businesses where manual management isn't possible.


Benefits of property management software

Every real estate business in today's time needs property management software. Well, not only real estate businesses but hotel chains too have benefitted a significant aspect.

Businesses must have an automated PMS so that they can save money and time. PMS makes billing, booking, reservation, tracking of check-in and check-out very easy. It is very much required for revenue management systems to send automatic messages to the tenants for rents, due date and also for informing the tenants about inspection and maintenance.


Best Free Property Management Software

It is necessary to have strong property management software to boost the strategy. Well, developing the right software and strategy can cost a lot. Many people prefer opting for monthly plans.

But there is free property management software that has helped businesses and hotel chains. Let's take a look at some of the best free property management software


Cozy -

This is one of the most popular and free property management software. As long as you have a strong internet connection, you can use Cozy from anywhere.

Cozy gives property owners the guarantee to manage the property and upload flexible images with online listings. It allows them the flexibility to upload terms as per listings, pet policies. It also has a renter profile that allows the tenants to directly join the program. Furthermore, Cozy provides a wide range of options regarding detailed payment, and with constant updates help to avoid the unnecessary late charges. Even offline payments are updated via the payment tool.

Cozy would soon be available on iOS and Android apps for income and expense tracking

This is not a completely free version but rather a freemium version that allows to handle or manage 10 properties. One of the greatest advantages of this software is that it offers free storage of 5MB. Nonetheless, it will allow only one account holder and three landlords if you are using the free version.

The is available in four versions, personal, professional, premium and enterprise version thereby allowing extensive offering for each. One of the most convenient benefits of using the software is that you get a hold of tracking daily tasks while maintaining the different types of properties. However, the only disadvantage is that there is a limit on report generation which can hamper your record tracking.


Rentec Direct -

This is yet another great software for property management. It offers basic features for the small landlords thereby allowing to manage few or around ten properties. The Basic platform had been developed by the company to give back to the landlord company, as per the statements of the company.

Rentec Direct is available in a wide array thereby allowing the basic platform to provide easy features such as the following

Income and expense tracking: The software has a simple accounting platform that helps to generate income and expense tracking reports.

Tenant screening:  The software checks the public data and background of the tenant to understand their history. This gives them an idea to determine whether they will be suitable candidates or not.

Property and tenant accounting: It is beneficial for landlord and tenant who helps to ease things by providing basic support and keeping an accurate record of the data.

However, like every other property management software, finding the perfect property from Rentec Direct can be a bit laborious too. Reviewers have often stated that additional features such as organization tools would have come handy for using the software.


Tenant cloud -

This is one of the best software that allows customization of contracts, recording details and organizing the property management. Moreover, maintenance requests from different customers are also customized and stored.

Out of all the property management software systems, TenantCloud is considered to be the easiest to use. Moreover, it has an attractive and great design that allows easy navigation thereby solving the problems quickly. Although it has templates and contracts features, they may be limited as per the guidelines because it has a pricing model.


RentTracker -

RentTracker is the perfect software for those who are into managing rental properties. It has been in the market since 1999 and recently, apps have been launched as well.

One of the greatest benefits of RentTracker is that it is cloud-based and offers complete flexibility in managing the properties. The software can be accessed via PC as well as mobile. You do not need to be worried about security because all data is stored via Comodo SSL. It helps manage payments and track down the expenses. Also, it informs about the expiry of the lease.

Although it is free, it has its limitations in features which if you want to access, you will need to pay for. The software has constant ads which can be removed by buying 10-pack tenant records.


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