By OMSOFTWARE - Web & Mobile App Development Company | Pune

Jan 03 , 2018

It is official off late. The newest version of Google's hand-held device operating system is known as Oreo and it will soon begin to roll out on Pixel and Nexus devices. From a revamped look to under-the-hook improvements, this newest version of android has a lot of new things in store.

Please read on the top features of Android 8.0 Oreo:

Redesigned settings menu

The most striking change is the redesigned settings menu. It is now featured with subtle dark grey text on a white background. The side navigation menu is not given in this version, unlike the Nougat. The entire effort is given to make sure the settings menu looks simple, and elegant, without any overload of content and design.


Restructured file menu

The Android's File Manager Is Not Necessarily The Best In The Market; but it can do pretty much everything you require. However, with Oreo; things are changing. It still has not reached the professionalism other apps offer; but it lets you open, view, delete files which is the basic things you need.


Battery saving background restrictions

Standby battery drainage is a long-standing issue. However, the changes have been with the proceeding of time being done to Improve The Performance. With Android Oreo, significant changes are expected to improve the overall battery savings.


Snooze individual notifications

When a message comes through, and if you do not necessarily have enough time to read it or act on it, you can simply move it in the right direction, and then click on the clock. This will make the notification go away for 15 minutes, and then come back at the designated time.


Redesigned emojis

Blob emojis are given a good bye and since then replaced with better emojis. They have a Better, Interactive Design Layout And Language.


Auto fill API

The new Android Oreo understands the role of password manager by adding an auto fill API. It lets users to choose an API interactively. It helps you automate the process. The feature allows for easy accessibility.




The added variety of useful feature such as Wifi Aware which is known as NAN which is short for Neighborhood Aware Network can easily connect new devices. It helps communication channel and simplify the entire process of effective communication collaboration between devices.


Quicker access is Google's smart and simple answer to unread badges. It is specifically paired with in-app specific launcher for simple usability.

Other than these a set of specific features such as turning on wi-fi automatically, more granular storage, auto fill framework are some of the core features that keep Oreo one of the redefined versions ever launched.

To conclude, it can be reasonably concluded that Oreo is by far the best operating system with a set of improved features. If you have already found that Nougat is good, there is absolutely many reasons for you to believe that it is a cool new upgrade. Oreo is sweet and popular and it shows!