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Aug 25 , 2017

Before you launch an application on android, take a pause. Learn here which the key things are as a developer you need to take into consideration in order to ensure successful launch of your application.

Understand the policies of developer programs - Google wants to make sure that its android is free of spam and that it is a rich source of information and entertainment. That's why you should thoroughly read and understand the Developer Program Policies - the violation of which attracts penalty so read them. If you do not understand properly, ask experts what they mean Prepare your developer account - Make sure you have a valid and authentic developer account and check if the credentials are accurate. If you are selling any products, set up a merchant account.

Localize - You can check out the Localization checklist if you want localized copies of your app launch. Know how to genuinely localize without any issues and challenges.

Plan for multiple releases - Releasing your app on multiple platforms and devices maximize your promotion. If you are not sure whether you can Launch Your Application Across Platforms, you can always get the contact details of your customers and contact them later.

  • Build a release ready APK
  • Plan the listing of your application
  • You need to know about the pre launch report
  • Also, it is important to set up your app price and know countries of distribution
  • Promote your application
  • These are just some of the most important things that you need to consider before choosing to launch your application.
  • Set strategic goals for the first release
  • Learn the key things to integrate on the day of your app launch
  • Cluster your area of expertise and the countries you want to launch your application
  • Promote your app pre launch with email, SMS
  • Develop an app landing page
  • Determine the budget
  • The more defined you are, and the strategically defined your steps are, better can you develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to improve your application launch. Your application need to be integrated with expert mechanism and the entire application platform should be evenly designed so that you know how to begin.

    Oftentimes, case studies offer expert ideas and understanding as to what it needs to be done in order to quickly but holistically launch your application across segments. Launching An Application On Android is easy, but as a developer you need to pay special attention to the details and make sure that what you develop can easily cater to the standalone segment of audiences, and the marketing efforts should be properly channelized.