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Jan 09 , 2019

Gone are the days when SMS and MMS used to be the only way to communicate through text messages. All thanks to the new instant messaging apps which have make text communication better, real and instant. And if talk about the new android chat apps then they are already on another level of communication as besides just supporting instant text messages, they also support sending and receiving of audio files, pdf files, word doc, videos, live status update etc.But apart from all the functional features that these app offers, there are

A Few Features Which Make Some Android Chat App Better From The Others. Some Of These Features Are:

• It Should Be Simple In Design And Easy To Use

First and foremost, it should have easy design features which are easy to understand and use by the user. And remember, when we talk about design it is not all about its overall looks and feel that you get when you use it. Design is also about how it works for a user.

• A Feature Of Chat-Bots Can Make Chat App More Exclusive

For those who don’t know about it, chat bots can be understood as software agent who chats with the users by using Artificial Intelligence. From managing the finances to updating the users about latest happenings around; a chat bot can do it all. Isn’t it an interesting feature to look out for.

• It Should Offer Best Of Data Security Measures To Its Users

It is one of the most essential features that every good android chat app should have. It not only secures sensitive information of user but also make sure that all data of user is protected in well secured manner.

• Push Notifications Is Also A Feature To Look Out For In A Good Android Chat App

It is yet another very important feature which serves as a direct communication platform between the messenger provider and app user. It not only notifies the user about the new messages but also inform them when their friends and other contact people are online.

• Integration With Bigger Ecosystem Is Another Feature To Look Out For

A good android chat app will have proper and well integration with not just the hardware and software of the phone but also with the Augmented Reality platform. This will make chat app more relatable and user friendly for users.

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