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Feb 12 , 2020

Pune, 11-02-2019: OMSOFTWARE - India's fastest growing mobile app development company - announced its collaboration with PRASECO to develop the latter's mobile application has been successfully completed. The app allows anyone to perform dual role. Sellers can list their eco friendly products and customers can buy directly from the listed products. More insights follow -

The mobile application for PRASECO is a step closer to eco friendly community. At a time when India is actively embracing the culture of plastic-free ecosystem, this app serves as a welcoming effort.

The wide range of PRASECO products include Clay, Metal, Glass, Coconut Shell, Wooden items etc. for household requirements and cloth bags for shopping requirements. Moreover, the company also has range of nursery products. It also offers Gardener and Plumber services to help a customer maintain her garden and save water.   

"OMSOFTWARE is happy to contribute towards sustainability and eco friendly effort. We support every effort that helps make our country eco-friendly. PRASECO encourages the culture of green living by promoting the use of plastic-free products. And it has been our pleasure to develop their mobile application, says Mr. Raj Kamal, CEO, OMSOFTWARE.

We dedicated an entire app development team to solely work on this project, and we achieved the desired target of launching the application - while without interfering with the quality and consistency. The apps are available across IOS and android now, continues Mr. Raj.

Regarding the work quality, Moumita Sharma from PRESCO says. "If you are a start-up and looking to make an app or website, OMSOFTWARE is the best bet. They not only help in making your software but also help you with what would be in the best interest of your business. The team at OM software is very professional and you can expect a very good quality product from them."   

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Praseco is an ecommerce mobile application for green and eco friendly products and services. The name Praseco is spelled reverse where eco stands for eco friendly and pras stands for products and services. Praseco offers you a greener alternative for your household requirements through its wide range of products and services. It is a platform where from order to delivery no plastic is involved. We reduce the plastic usage through our eco friendly packaging.


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