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Jul 18 , 2019

We are living in age where smart phones have become integral part of our lives. Most of us cannot spend even a single day without out phone. Till now various studies and researches have been done to understand that in a day on an average how much time a person spends on mobile phone. With fast internet speed and so many useful applications there has been a lot of change in spending time with mobile phones. To make this more revolutionary, every year new mobile app development trends are also coming up.

Here are the latest mobile app development trends of 2019 that everyone should eagerly wait for. Take a look:

• After e-commerce, an era of m-commerce will mark the beginning

If you still think that e-commerce has change the way trading use to done then you will be shock to know that in year 2019 even e-commerce will be replaced by a whole new concept of m-commerce and this will make complete processes of commerce easier and better.

• There will be complete new phase of AR/VR

Although in many mobile applications especially in mobile games we have already started experiencing augmented reality and virtual reality but this is just the beginning. The whole idea of AR and VR is far more forward then this and we will definitely get a chance to explore their new eras.

• IoT (Internet of Things) will become more common

With so many smart things launching every day, in 2019 there will be many more physical objects which will stay connected to mobile phones. Get ready to introduce with the smart homes, smart security systems and many other smart things.

• Many mobile apps will come in wearable forms too

While living in an age where the wearable industry is experiencing a fast growth it is no wonder to find wearable devices which can even take up your mobile applications. For instance, with an smart watch you can wear your daily health application and even connect messages and calls with it thereby making them more easily accessible.

• Cloud Integration will become mandatory element

With such huge memory usage now is the time that we integrate cloud with our mobile phone. Being such a huge place with promising security standards this is a mandatory change which every smart phone holder will love to see, use and experience.

• Physical wallets and e-wallets will also be replace by mobile wallets

Now when every important thing of life is on mobile how cold we miss the traditional payment methods. However, the conventional way of payments has been already replaced with e-payments but the year 2019 will mark the popularity and growth of m-wallets supporting friction less payments in more secured way.

For sure, the new mobile development trends hold many new exciting things for us in the New Year. We hope to look forward to them wholeheartedly to taste new things in life.