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Jun 09 , 2017

Mobile application design for enhanced user experience has been a challenge for developers; given the obvious competition in the market, and increased demand among consumers for better interactivity. On the top of that, designing interactive, attention-grabbing and custom applications for smaller screens and shorter attention spans is another thing developers constantly struggle to overcome.

Today, mobile app design is very much about interaction design. The key approach to making enhanced, affordable and smartly devised interaction design means you need to target your audience using their language; in a simplified manner. Here are a few simple app design tips for enhanced user experience

App Design Tips - Om Software

Ensure that you are designing an app for almost all users

Expert users need no guidance and can move through screen to screen; using tapping gestures whereas beginner users would make frequent mistakes. That's why; developers should design interactive and efficient applications targeting audiences of all age groups. The better defined, approached and holistic the entire targeting campaign is done, better the user experiences!

Counter touch faults

It is extremely important that button size is taken into account when designing mobile apps. Most users feel touching faults hinder their experience with an app. The more easily structured the app is and better the touching grounds are made; the app can enhance the user experience automatically.

Use commonly used icons

Most users are familiar with a set of commonly used icons; since these have been integrated into handset. Therefore, it is important to integrate commonly used icons to better interact with audiences; ensuring they receive high level access and understand the meaning of a message.


Use readable fonts

The designer should use large, reliable and readable fonts and font styles. The designer should keep the fonts as big as it is possible without having to lose the essential balance with aligned screen features.

Other than the above-mentioned attributes; few other things that app developers take into account before designing an app include using high resolution images, researching the compatibility feature of apps, making simple and efficient apps. The essential thing to be noted while designing and developing app is to ensure that the entire framework is made user friendly so that anyone can easily explore the app, and then converse more with it.

Any developer while he designs an app ensures that highly useful and efficient apps should come into existence. The maximum user interaction, high level of sophistication, improved user experience, high level of quality app navigation are some of the very important things that enhance user experience to a new level.

These are some of the core things designers and developers need to understand while designing applications for better enhancing the overall user experience. Mobile apps are many, but those which integrate the user friendliness design and innovate it for further development without having to compromise with the effective interface win.

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