By OMSOFTWARE - Web & Mobile App Development Company | Pune

Jan 03 , 2019

To start with, let this discussion begin with a small introduction So, UI stands for user interface while UX stands for user experience. But because both are the aspects of design, many people tend to get confuse in between both the terms. Also, because both UI design and UX design work so closely together thus it sometimes become confusing to distinguish in between two.

Besides maintaining such a close professional relationship, the UI design and the UX design has different roles to play. Where on one end the aspects of UX are said to be more analytical and technical, on the other end UI design have more of creative aspect related to much like graphic designing.

First, Let’s Take A Dig Into The Concept Of UX Design:

It is actually a process which is used to improve the overall usability and pleasure of using a product by a customer which further enhance the levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty of customers. So, it is process which optimizes a product to increase its effectiveness and make usability more easy and enjoyable.

Some Of The Major Strategies That Are Considered In UX Design Are:

• Analysis of both customer and competitor

• Content Development

• Product structure and strategy

While working on UX designs, the expertise needs to execute and analyze coordination with developers and UI designers. They also need to keep a track of goals and integration.

In conclusion, it can be said that UX design is more of a theory which focuses on development and improvement of quality of interaction between a user and the product.

Now, Understand What UI Design Is All About:

User Interface is a process which is responsible for overall transference of any product. It starts right from the development of a product and goes till the final layout of the product. Its main purpose is to make user experience more attractive and responsive.

Major Aspects Of UI Consideration Are:

• Customer Analysis

• User storyline/Guide

• Branding and graphic development

• Design research

An expert of UI design will always be responsive towards UI prototyping and will remain interactive with animations.

In end, UI design can be understood as a digital practice which works on visuals and graphic representation of a product so as to enhance overall user experience. So, even though they used to sound so confusing, you will now never misuse both the terms.