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Feb 02 , 2022

Despite so many obstacles, many service sectors, including the software industry, served beautifully during Covid-19. Many sectors failed during that said period because those sectors demanded the physical presence of labor. During this adverse situation, the global economy almost crashed. But the software industry kept the economy moving. 

Evolution of technology

After the PC came into play, gradually, technology started evolving. Then came different forms of computers in advanced forms that support more advanced technologies. Not only computers, but internet connection has also developed a lot. In the olden days, the internet used to be very slow.


 It used to take 4-5 hours to download a movie. But now, due to the fast internet, one can download a film within a few minutes. Not only computers but also mobile phones are also essential nowadays. It has become an inseparable part of human lives these days. 


Telecommunication is an industry that has developed in this 21st century. This industry comprises internet provider companies, satellite companies, telephone companies, etc. This industry is technology-oriented. The evolution of this industry and that of the software industry went hand in hand.

These two industries complement each other. Without the development of the telecommunication industry, the software industry cannot move forward. The literal meaning of telecommunication is communicating from a distance. Call centres, BPOs developed over time. Many people are employed in this industry. 

Telesales do various works. Some contact with clients to generate sales. Some receive calls from clients regarding complaints. So, most of the big companies have a team of telecallers to attend to their clients. They take care of sales, address complaints, etc. This has eased many issues. In the golden days, if any gadgets or anything had stopped working correctly, people would go to the service centre physically. Nowadays, whenever someone faces a problem with any device or object, they call the customer care of that company. This customer care department is a team of telesales. They take the complaints and provide service accordingly. 

Evolution of home appliances

Along with the technological improvement in the service sector, people have also experienced technological advancement in the home. For example, TV, refrigerator, AC, washing machine, dishwasher etc., have eased human life. People can click a switch and get their dishwashing done. The air conditioner has become an inseparable part of human lives. Today, when the world is suffering from global warming, people not only in tropical countries but also in temperate countries cannot think of life without AC. 

How can Technology help to make human life more reliable?

Today every person has technology in their hands, and advanced technology has played a very important role in the development of mankind.

Technology has reduced our efforts in any kind of work such as; traveling, communication, business work, etc. The basic use of technology is to communicate with others by sitting in different corners of the world, and thus it improves the feeling of human connection.

• Today the technology is often used on a very large scale to transfer any important data from one place to another without any difficulty.

• Nowadays, Technology has become a huge source of education. You can get information regarding any topic free of cost without any trouble. And you absolutely have no need to pay money from your pocket to learn something because the internet has made education free for learning.

• Because of the Internet and Technology the communication has become very easy and you can connect with each other using a single device called a "smartphone". Even because of advanced technology transportation has become very easy and you can connect with any person within a few minutes.

Technology in the field of education

In the case of education also, computers, mobile phones, and modern scientific calculators have become a significant part. During the pandemic period, different current software helped them attend online classes, submit homework, etc. Hence technology helped make human life more manageable.

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