By Raj Kamal

Aug 04 , 2020


How to conduct market research for mobile app development?

Launching an app without knowing the market is like jumping into a lake of fire. It's extremely dangerous and risky. You surely wouldn't want to risk the shot, since you've already invested a lot. The first thing you would want to do before launching the app is to know  the market.

Market research has become extremely prevalent in today's time. There's a lot of risks involved which is why experts have often recommended to be careful. The app developer needs to consult the experts so that they can proceed with it. The right mobile app marketing strategy can play an important role in boosting the strategy. Your mobile app will be launched in the market only if you have chosen the right strategy.

It is necessary to know your audience so that you know the audience extensively. Having knowledge of your customer is how you will integrate the app. Your audience is your first priority, which is why you should know them.

Don't get carried away

Initially, you might want to get carried away with the app, but it will only cause you a lot of problems in the later stages. It is necessary to find the right products. The software developers can get carried away and eventually launch the app based on their experiences and opinions.

But, in today's world, customer feedback is the first thing to consider. You need to consult your customers before launching the app in the market. If you take a closer look at the market, you will get to know that different companies such as Apple and Android launch a beta version of their software before launching the actual product in the market.

Many companies prefer consulting the merchants and agencies to get in touch with the clients for testing the app. Well, market research, over the years, has surely played an important role in changing how your app changes. The right road map of products will eventually help you plan a proper strategy.

Is the research necessary?

Before launching any product in the market, brand companies prefer checking with their customers. It is the same for mobile apps too. Over the years, curiosity-driven research has played an important role in boosting the market.

Market research helps you analyse what your customers want from the product. Once you know what are the expectations of your customer, you will be able to create potential solutions for your business. If your app is able to answer questions such as what are the revenues, what they expect from products and how it brings efficiency to the business, it will help you in the long run. It is necessary to provide efficient solutions to your customers so that they can expect the best.

Has market research changed over the years?

Market research for the mobile app development industry has changed significantly over the years. It is essential to check for the build-up and look for potential challenges in the mobile app development industry.

You need to consult your merchants and brokers so that they can address the problem effectively. With time, app development strategy has developed. While they have been in constant touch with the merchants, it is necessary to address the changes in the industry. With time, the challenges are only changing and require frequent addressing to overcome the differences.

There might be certain features that do not resonate with your customers. Hence, make sure that you do not spend enough time on it. Not only business challenges, but you should also focus on addressing the operational challenges so that your mobile app development business can be improved.

Narrowing down your choices each day will only help to improve the liability of the users. The requirements of the customers are changing each day, and hence, you will need to bring frequent and regular updates in your app so that your customers can stay loyal to your business and boost up revenues.

How to conduct market research for mobile app development?

The market research techniques for mobile apps have changed rapidly over the years. Some of the prominent techniques that can help in conducting efficient market research include the following

  1. Knowing your users' problems

It is necessary to know what your customers expect from the app. The first thing you should be doing before launching the mobile app is to know the users. Would you move with a service that doesn't provide you with efficient service? No. The same happens with mobile apps.

The easiest way to know your users' problems is to reach out to them and gather the required information. Feedback regarding the app from your customers will only help to develop a healthy relationship between the customers. Moreover, it also makes enough room for improvement which is very beneficial.

One of the best ways to interact with your customers regarding the app's problems is through social media. You can make your business social media platforms a free platform for your customers to voice their positive or negative reviews for the app. You can directly consult your users about the problems with your app. The secondary sources of information will play an important role in boosting the development of apps.

  1. Competitor analysis

The significant development of mobile app marketing strategy is to know your competitor. No business ever goes out on the field without knowing their competition. The better you know your enemy, the better will be your chances of winning the battle.

If you know your competitors, you will be able to surpass them effectively. The basic step is to identify the weaknesses and strengths of your competitor so that you can proceed in a similar direction or better than that.

But how do you know you are ahead of your competitors? The basic step is to check the number of downloads. Your competitor apps are available on different platforms, so, you need to determine if it's free, their ranking and how responses the app is receiving. Also, it is necessary that you check their marketing campaigns as well. Make sure to analyse the genre in which you will be launching the app for maximum benefits.

  1. Business model creation

The business model of your mobile app is the integral aspect of your business to consider. Experts recommend creating a business revenue model so that you can make the most from your business guide. This revenue model will eventually help you analyse the mobile app launch.

Will you be launching a free mobile app or a paid version? Does the pricing model suit your app? The freemium models are great because this works the best for businesses. Not only do you provide your customers with a free trial version but also the paid version. The freemium models will help to increase the popularity of the app. Once the customers have tested the model and liked it, they will surely invest money. On it.

Apart from freemium, there are in-app purchase options as well such as ad-centric and paid apps. These eventually help to bring about more revenue to your business. But, what model you choose for your app, will significantly depend on the features of your app.

  1. Reaching out to the target audience

When launching a mobile app in the market, it is not necessary to know your users' problems but also who your audience is. It is necessary to know your target audience to boost your entire business. Right when you are launching your mobile app, you will need to consult your target audience along with the revenue model apart from the other features too.

To know who your target audience is, you will need to know what your app delivers. Do you want to launch a competitive gaming app or introduce the in-app purchase? You can proceed with potential customers to know how your app is and what it delivers to get the maximum advantages. Well, there are other things to consider for your advantage.

  1. Marketing communication messages creation

Communication is the key to a strong marketing strategy. This is eventually involved in building relationships with your customers. You need to work with a strong and attractive marketing message so that you can reach out to your customers on a bigger level.

However, while determining the marketing strategy, you will also need to analyse the problems of your customers. While moving with the communication strategy, you should not only consult emotional balance but psychological attractiveness as well.

Before creating a communication message, you will need to consult users and then proceed with it. The involvement of your users will also help to determine the app features. If you have set the message right, you will eventually be able to stay ahead of your competitors. A unique strategy will only help you stay ahead of your competitors.

  1. Primary data analysis

Primary data analysis is the key to finding the perfect app market research. The primary data analysis eventually plays an important role in the long run to offer the effectiveness of the product. You should change a product that is not working effectively in the market.

User surveys will help you in the primary data analysis. You should consult your users about all information and expect immediate attention from them. A focused study group will also help you in the long run for analysing your business.

Primary data analysis will help you know your audience better by getting proper feedback from your customers. Also, you can get personal opinions from your customers to know the market.

  1. Secondary data analysis

Secondary data analysis has always been considered one of the best ways to know the market better. It is one of the best ways to proceed with market trends and growth rates. However, market trends and growth trends have varied over the years and hence, it will keep evolving with changes in the mobile marketing industry.

You will analyse the recent market trends and how it will impact the category of your business. It is necessary to fasten the growth of your business along with an increase in the number of downloads and users. It is necessary to consider these for your secondary data analysis.

  1. Finalize channels to get more users

User acquisition is the main aim of the mobile app marketing industry. This can only be done if you can get more from businesses. However, finalizing the aspect will eventually be stressing, which is why you will need to consider all the aspects.

User acquisition isn't easy but will require investing across different platforms so that it brings more from your audience. Organic traffic over search engine optimization isn't easy, but if your strategy is right, you can proceed in the right direction.

Most people consider paid advertising and influencer marketing to bring traffic in their apps. But it might not bear the same positive impact as that of organic traffic. This requires a lot of complicated ad setup with expensive testing. Data analytics can be one yet another way to gather an audience. Some of the other ways through which you can attract audiences to your business include email marketing, PR, and referrals. But, these won't be organic traffic which is why the impact won't be much.

Proper integration of Search Engine Optimization and App Store Optimization can only help you gather a positive response from the audience. Since every procedure requires you to invest money and time, you will want to analyse the best for yourself.

The mobile app marketing strategy has improved at a significant rate over the years. Rather than trying any random method, you should prefer going to tried and tested methods that can help you in the long run.

At the same time, it is necessary to know your target audience and competitors. Launching an app that hasn't been tested will only bring negative impacts to your business. You can proceed with data analytics to know more about your users. Also, the right business model will help you get the maximum users as well as revenues. If you want to have a long-lasting relationship with your app users and customers, you need to stay in constant touch with them, while providing a strong marketing strategy and good-quality customer service.