By Raj Kamal

Jul 22 , 2020

The pandemic-induced school closures put 1.2 billion children out of the classroom globally. This made institutes to use stopgap arrangements such as virtual-led teaching for the continuity of education. 
Here are a few ways schools can use technology to support their learning initiatives - 
1. Create school Whatsapp Group to share daily video lessons, updates, and interactive educational content 
2. Conduct live virtual classes with students using video communication platforms such as Zoom 
3. Create a podcast channel for school and invite participants to listen and engage  
3. Many schools are developing their apps to gain more control over learning systems 
Using apps to deliver learning content is popular and highly recommended because - 
(1)  It lets schools design learning patterns more interactively - suiting their personalized requirements 
 (2) It allows schools to have better control over the type, delivery and management of content 
(3) With better control and accessibility, schools always own the apps, and the dependency on third party app is reduced
(4) With apps, schools can store data more securely 
To learn more or to develop a school-specific application with all desired features, please connect with our app development team today!