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Jun 29 , 2020

How much does it cost to build an app like UberEats?

Building an app like Uber Eats and other food delivery services will cost you a lot. It is extremely necessary to focus on the small details to get the maximum advantages. The right app development company can contribute a lot towards easing the food delivery app building process.

The increasing popularity of digital technology has played an important role in bringing about a difference in the market. The reshaping of the industry has led to an increase in online orders. People today find ordering things online convenient. Why? Because it is transparent, you get the product right at your doorstep and it saves time.

Apart from products, the people are expecting the same for the food delivery chain. But, one of the most asked questions is how much does it cost to build an app like UberEats? Let us have a close look at the model of UberEats to know the best.

The UberEats Business Model
UberEats is one of the most prominent food delivery apps across the globe. The increasing demand for UberEats has given way to the introduction of food delivery apps by other companies such as Ola and Swiggy. Most of the entrepreneurs try to get into this line because it helps them earn money.

Both online and offline platforms need to be taken into consideration to ensure proper services have been offered without any disruptions. While you might consider it to be a difficult design and master techniques, it is not.

UberEats has millions of subscribers around the role. The UberEats is divided into two apps- one for the customer and one referred to as the aggregator for the delivery agent. The standalone drivers and food delivery ensure to deliver food at the doorsteps of the people. Initially, the app was launched in the market only for the customers, but it further got categorized for the delivery agent as well.

UberEats and other food delivery apps provide a number of features that have contributed to the increasing popularity. Some of the prominent features that you will get while using UberEats include the following
Order tracking via app
Filtered restaurant recommendations
Advanced search filters

These food delivery apps are updated from time to time to ensure convenient orders and faster delivery to the customers.

Market of food delivery app
As per a survey conducted by Om Software, it has been brought to light that most people prefer online food ordering than dining in. Hence, the food delivery app market is sure to grow in the close future. If you have been planning to make investments, this is the right time. Why? As per reports, in the coming five years, the market for online food delivery would increase by 79% as compared to the present day.

The rate at which online food delivery popularity is increasing, it itself is a positive sign about the increment in property. This is a clear indication of how the online market has improved as compared to the offline market. In the coming few years, the demand for online food ordering would surpass the offline market.

Moreover, every restaurant business in today's world should have a food delivery app. Why? Because of Covid-19 outbreak. Most people prefer taking precautions and staying in their homes rather than going out. To maintain the safety guidelines, audiences are ordering food than dining in. This is one big opportunity to grow your audience.

The food delivery market in today's time is huge and is likely to grow in the coming years. A closer look at the statistics will help to determine how much the market has grown and has helped to create a safe space for everyone.

How do food delivery app businesses make money?
Om Software can effectively help you launch your product in the market. You can manage the app monetization process in different ways. Some of the prominent ways that can help you earn money include the following

Delivery Charges
Most restaurants do not provide the option of home delivery. When the customer orders from such restaurants, they need to pay delivery charges.

The online food delivery business provides the option of on-demand home delivery that provides commission as well. Moreover, the delivery fee may vary depending on the distance. All food delivery apps get the required commission which is one main source of earning.

Most of these food delivery apps conduct advertisements which further helps them to generate high revenue. These apps may put up a restaurant in the featured section or run a video on their home screen. This helps to generate enough income. Google AdSense is also one of the best platforms to generate revenue.

Peak Pricing
When demand is extremely high, the price increases too. The surcharge will eventually depend on the time of order placement. The rate of incoming demand may be low hence, the demand will eventually increase. The surge price will eventually vary depending on the country too.

Commission Charges
The partnered restaurants also need to provide a commission for every order and sale. The food delivery app generates most of their income from the commissions they get and it also contributes towards high revenue. This is extremely beneficial for a long-term partnership between your food delivery app and restaurants.

How much does it cost to build an app like UberEats?
Om Software can contribute a lot towards helping to create an app like UberEats.

The different features of all the food delivery apps have contributed to the increasing popularity. The price would further vary depending on the government taxes. Usually, the cost of food delivery app development is around $25000-$45000. It would further vary depending on your personal requirements.

The app design and availability across different platforms also contributes to the rising popularity. Om Software developers ensure to conduct a proper app testing before launching it in the market.

Most businesses often need websites as well. For further inquiry, you can get in touch with Om Software for further details. The future of food app delivery market is something to look forward to. Being sure about the requirements will help to ease the app development process for you.