By Raj Kamal

Jan 24 , 2015

Today is Independence Day in USA, the day of several celebrations, the day of fun and laughter, the day of fireworks, the day of global importance, and above all the day of dignity for all US Citizens. I wish a very-very Happy Independence Day to all US Citizens.

The day is of utmost importance and pride for all residents of United States, because it reminds us of that historical day which raised a new voice to demand for our own rights. This was not only declaration of Independence for only thirteen American Colonies, but also a day of new aspirations and ambitions to achieve great heights.

Even after centuries, People in US feel proud and display their gratitude to the heroes who sacrificed the whole journey of their life in fighting for freedom to live, think and express for all future American generations and also set a new trend of innovations for rest of the world.

Nowadays, United States is remembered as the leader in field of Science and Technology, Arts and Humanity, Sports and Entertainment, and Economic Developments. This country is heaven for all those talented people who have potential to excel in their specified fields.

United States has provided best platforms for living and work to several great people in world history. The contribution of United States in the development of several other developing countries cannot be overlooked. If England is known as the place of origin for Industrial Development, then I would like to declare United States as place of origin to all modernization and development occurred in recent few decades.

There is no doubt in saying that United States played a Key role in quick transformation and all round global development. On this day of US Independence, I would like to thank all American heroes and great people who made it happen.

At last,

Once again a very Happy Independence Day to all of you. . . .