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Aug 14 , 2009

OM Software Internet Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Wishes Happy Independence Day to every Indians.

OM Software Internet Solutions Private Limited wishes a very happy Independence Day to all Indians on eve of 62nd Independence Day (15th August, 2009). The day has remarkable importance in Indian history. It reminds us, the contribution, sacrifice and commitment of our martyrs for independence of India.

After facing slavery of more than 300 years, India got independence on August 15, 1947. We got our dignity back along with the right to live without any external interference. We progressed like anything in last 62 years. Now we are among a few fastest developing countries in the world. We have a different identification of being the largest democracy in this universe. Our growth rate in terms of Science and Technology, Space and Military Research, Information Technology and Telecommunication is competing with several developed countries.

Our vision of Unity in Diversity, Secularism and Global peace is ideal for whole world. We are proud of our values today. However, we need to act accordingly to continue the rich legacy of our ancestors. As a true Indian we have to understand our responsibility and duties. Together we are responsible for carrying our rich cultural heritage, customs, and religious values to our next generation, so that they can feel proud in being and Indian.

Indian has the potential to excel and develop as a leader in all segments. We need to do our best to conserve the sovereignty, pride and feeling of being a part of such a glorious country.

It is possible only if, we will perform our duties well and fulfill all responsibilities of being a true Indian to make it a more prosperous, developed and self dependent country.

Wishing You All A Very Happy Independence Day Once Again!!!