By Raj Kamal

Apr 13 , 2020

The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 proved to be a threat and a problem. It led to massive disruptions in the work schedule, but we are ensured that we provide excellent services to our clients even from remote destinations.

With a team of more than 200 developers, coders, consultants, engineers, and architects who are aware of the IT sector, OMSOFTWARE aims at providing the best and the most suitable methods for software and web application developments. You can always outsource your projects to us and get it done in no time. Even in such tough times, we are there to help your business grow and function the same way it used to before.

We have a team augmentation model that is completely safe and secure to use. After being tested and tried so many times, we can safely say that it offers multi-skilled and experienced resources at your service committed to delivering high-quality performance. With the available resources, you can always customize the business requirements as per your needs.

Multi-million tech companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Twitter have all implemented the remote-work policies or Stay at Home Policy to prevent the coronavirus from further spreading. Remote work policies or Work from Home has eventually grown to become a trend in today's time, be it for preventing coronavirus from further spreading or overurbanization of the industries, everyone seems to be following the trend.

Well, you, too, can be one of those IT companies that allow their employees to choose a working preference, time, and location. And why shouldn't you? Time has rapidly advanced. Apart from your clients, your employees are one of your most valuable assets, so you need to consider their safety. But working from home in such situations can be hard as well. So, why don't you consider outsourcing?

How do we take care of remote working and helping the industries boom their productivity in times of COVID-19 outbreak?

To ensure there is no break in the work, we at the OMSOFTWARE have provided all our employees with the required software and hardware to stay safe at home and carry out work like usual. To keep the productivity booming, meet client expectations, and deliver projects on time, we have ensured to keep working and reach the common goal.

  • Catering with high-quality services
  • Delivering the project with 100% accuracy
  • Meeting client satisfaction is the topmost priority

Thus, OMSOFTWARE is surely your trusted outsourcing partner. No matter what your project is, we can always help you reach your client's expectations.

Can we help your business function as smoothly as previous times?

Of course, we can. Our IT experts are committed to helping businesses function smoothly. At OMSOFTWARE, we make sure to follow all the security measures set up by our IT experts and enhance the sensitivity of the businesses. Take it all into consideration for better functioning.

At OMSOFTWARE, we use different processes to enhance project management, time management, code management, and communication. So, what do we use?

Time Management

  • Time Management

Project Management

  • Jira/Trello

Code Management

  • Git-Hub / Bitbucket


  • Skype / Slack
  • Google Hangout

What is IT Outsourcing?

Outsourcing refers to the process when one company hires another company to complete the existing activities. Outsourcing is very common in IT companies for different functions such as IT support, web development, social media management, and more. Outsourcing not only helps to save money but time as well.

When choosing an outsourcing company, businesses need to consider a lot of things. The same considerations need to be taken for remote staffing as well. Thus, it is always suggested that you have your strategy ready.

Before outsourcing your project to any company, you need to consider all the decisions that will favor your business in the long run. Well, if the outsourced agency meets all your requirements, go on with it.

The task is the primary service of your company and is beneficial for your business

  • If outsourcing the task helps to save time to increase productivity within the business
  • If the task is a rare activity
  • If the outsourcing agency can do the task better than the employees of your company.

Experts of the industry, such as Lee Kuan Yew, the Former Singaporean President, once said,

"If you deprive yourself of outsourcing and your competitors do not, you're putting yourself out of business."

Why should you outsource your IT projects?

Well, outsourcing your IT projects can provide you with benefits more than you imagine. Some of these prominent benefits include the following.


One of the main reasons you should be outsourcing your project in such hard times because it will help to lower the production costs. When you hire an agency to do your work, you are eventually saving a lot of money. Compared to your hired employees, you will need to pay a lower salary. Also, you wouldn't need to bear the infrastructure or operational charges that can eventually rise if you do it within your premises.

Uninterrupted workflow

When you hire someone from another part of the world, you wouldn't need to worry about when your work will be completed. You can be sure that the agency working in a different time zone will eventually get your work within the time. How? Both your offshore and in-house teams are at work. This will eventually help to boost your business.

Diversified talent

Another prominent benefit of working with outsourced agencies is that it helps you get in touch with professionals of different talents. What you may not find in your in-house team will eventually be found in your outsourced agency.

Saves Time

As said, the outsourcing companies can play an important role in helping your business save time. You won't need to fuss about spending time on finding, hiring, interviewing, and training the in-house team members. When you hire an outsourcing company, they already have a team of developers and employees that can help to grow your business.


Want to bring more profit and revenue to your business? Well, get in touch with an outsourced agency. The outsourcing companies can always work towards increasing the revenues and profits of your business, thereby getting the work done in time.

It may often happen that you need more workforce for completing a project. This is where outsourcing companies come to help. The method of outsourcing the services is referred to as staff augmentation. As a result, you can always rely on these.

Tested Augmentation Model

Om Software has ensured to try and test the augmentation model. If you are looking for a company that can help you with your services, then Omsoftware is the right place to be. No matter what your requirement is- a single developer or cross-functional dynamic team, the Team Augmentation model will provide you the services. The flexibility of our team members will help to meet your unique business requirements. You can always trust us with outsourcing your web development projects.

We understand the importance of knowing your developer. Thus, before you finalize the developer, you can interview as many times as you want. Once you agree, our developers will be there at your service. You will have the complete right to manage the services such as administrative service, developer retention, and more. Our Project Manager will also be assigned to you if you need one. Before starting the project, a contract is signed to ensure safety for both parties.

Benefits of the Team Augmentation Model

The team augmentation model is just what every business need. Some of the prominent benefits of adopting it into business include the following.

  • Hire soon
  • Efficient operation
  • Prominent management system
  • Adaptation and expansion
  • Get in touch with more talented professional
  • Cost-effective and competitive advantage
  • Better access to competitive and modern solutions

Has any business benefited from the staff augmentation model?

Well, several business giants, over time, have benefitted from the staff augmentation model. Some of the prominent success stories that can inspire your business as well as include the following.


Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce giant, came up with the idea of Yellow Pages in China, and today it is spread all over the world and globally famous as China's eBay.

The owner and founder of Alibaba Jack Ma, in his starting days, had outsourced most of the services to the American Outsourcing Agency. That time, China didn't have enough skills, but America did. The use of skills and external talent from different countries eventually helped the business.


We all know Slack, the online instant messaging company. Before starting the beta testing, Slack's designing aspect was outsourced. The outsourced company took care of developing the website, app, and designing the logo. And look today where Slack stands, a billion-dollar company.

“Times are hard, but that doesn't mean you should give up. In such a pandemic situation, you should consider outsourcing your service to others. This is one of the best decisions for growing your business. You can follow the staff augmentation model and give a boost to your business that it has been missing all this while. “