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Nov 28 , 2017

A Github Stars History for Angular, React & Vue (Source)

Which is good for High-End Web Application Development? Angular or React? Today's bipolar landscape of JavaScript framework has left many developers in the realm of asking. Although each of these is beneficial, and used for standalone purposes; let us narrow down on the key factors that constitute their requirements and functionalities

Some of the most vital questions that should shape your decision of selection -

  • How mature is the platform and who is behind it?
  • Which type of features does it enjoy?
  • Which type of architecture, development paradigm and patterns does it employ?
  • Which ecosystem does it have?
  • On a closer note, you might find that the above-mentioned questions often help you define and design your core application development platform requirement. However, there are a few more questions you should even add onto your list of queries for self-realization.

  • Will my colleagues and I be able to yield useful learning from the tool?
  • Does it fit well with my application requirement and project specifics?
  • What is the developer experience like?
  • There are few key deciders that should develop the core difference brackets between angular and react; some of these include -

    Maturity -

    React is developed and maintained by Facebook and is thoroughly used for their own products, namely Instagram and Whatsapp. It has been functional for over three years now, it is one of the most popular projects on Github, and thus it is worthy a trust

    Angular has been around less than React, but if you count on the Angular JS; the story is different. It is maintained by Google and is used in Google Fiber and AdWords. Since AdWords is a key project of Google, you can be sure that Angular is here to stay.

    Features -

    Minimalistic approach is what set React apart. Features include -

  • No dependency injection
  • XSS protection
  • Utilities for unit-testing components.
  • Instead of classic templates it has JSX, an XML-like language built on top of JavaScript
  • Angular is enriched with a lot of features ideal for high-end web application

  • Dependency injection
  • Templates, based on an extended version of HTML
  • XSS protection
  • Utilities for unit-testing components
  • @angular/forms for building forms
  • Component CSS encapsulation
  • Ecosystem and learning are yet another two parameters that decide the adoption strategy for any web applications. Both Angular and React score well, and they are easy to learn with least but useful and defined learning curve. An important criteria for choosing a new technology is how easy it is to learn. Angular and React score well on key parameters.

    So, the actual adoption of the web development ecosystem vastly depend on a number of factors such as -

  • Usability
  • Requirement
  • Need for bringing perfection
  • scalability
  • To design and develop a high end fully functional system however you need to use and leverage on the trust and expertise of a professional web development company like OMSOFTWARE