By Raj Kamal

Jul 20 , 2020

"Did Google disown 'Blogspot.IN' domain?
More than 40 lakh blogspot blogs with the .in domain are presently inaccessible - sparking concerns that Google might have forgotten to renew it or it let the domain lapse.
Although users can still access their blogs with the .com extension instead of the .in variant, the disruption is feared to cause issues such as -

  • Blogspot.IN permalinks are now broken. This will negatively affect ranking possibilities.
  • The domains could be redirected to malicious, malware or scam websites by hackers and bad actors.
  •  Region-specific Blogspot URLs allowed the company for faster takedown of objectionable content, that'll probably take time now.
  •  Those who don't know about manually replacing the prefix yet (.com with .in) will not be able to regain access to their sites - causing temporary productivity issues and those who willingly wanted to keep the .in extension are left with no option.
  • The inconvenient development will make free hosted platform  unpopular because users  will worry about the ownership and stability of their blogs.

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