Oms Organized (Masti Unlimited 2013) a Full Week Highly Thrilling And Adventurous Trip To Shimla, Kullu Manali, And Rohtang Pass For All Its Employees

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Oms Organized (Masti Unlimited 2013) A Full Week Highly Thrilling And Adventurous Trip To Shimla, Kullu Manali, And Rohtang Pass For All Its Employees

Jun 29 2013| 04:33 pm

Time cannot be bent or transmuted, and when it comes to work, people curiously delve into time to enjoy and spend some time with nature and its endowments to please their senses. However, for OMS, it is not a hard rule of dynamics. They know how to twist time and make the best use of it to rejuvenate its employees with fresh splash of fun and adventurous activities every year. This time, they have arranged a special weeklong adventurous trip to the world‘s finest stopovers, where people experience the real charm and extravaganza of Nature. The trip to Shimla, Kullu Manali, and Rohtang Pass was the latest tour of the company with its top management professionals and employees.  

The weeklong adventurous trip was a spectacular example of luxury and comfort in some of the best hotels of Shimla, and Kullu Manali. Employees discovered the ultimate elevation of mountains, flora, fauna, and the charming beauty of these hill stations nestled in the gorgeous mountains.  

In addition to exploring the rivers, forests, lush green and icy mountains, and wild habitats, employees also got a chance to face the raging water running along the highways. They enjoyed ever so wondering water rafting, skiing, mountain biking, boating, sightseeing, hiking, horse riding, and some of the most celebrated activities in an explicit manner. It was an amazing and pleasurable experience for all the group members.

The MD and CEO of OMS, Raj Kamal said, "We know the importance of team management, project management, time management, continuous motivation, communication skills, employee creativity, and healthy work environment, this is the reason we always provide an opportunity to our team to relax and enjoy few days out of their cubicles and learn the dynamics of nature." "MASTI UNLIMITED was thought to give our team a chance to feel the unlimited thrill and slipstream of the beautiful valleys and altitudes of Shimla, Kullu Manali, and Rohtang Pass. It will enable them to think creatively, work without pressure, and hone their intrinsic skills to work full heartedly and enthusiastically."

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